New Products


New Product

Voltage Detector


AK09915C | Electronic Compass

New Product

Electronic Compass

AK09915C / AK09915D

AK7451 | Angle Sensor

New Product

Angle Sensors


AP1034AER | Motor Driver

New Product

Motor Drivers


AK555X series | Premium ADCs

New Product

Premium ADCs

AK555x series

AK4136VQ | Premium SRC

New Product

Premium SRCs



Connected Home

Connected Home
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AKM Voice & Sensors

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Connected Home Products

Onechip Encoders AK877x series

One-chip Encoders AK877x series

Free your designs with AKM unique pitch-free,
lay-out free concept.

Current Sensor Products

Current Sensors
CQ330x series

AKM current sensors contribute to the high accuracy,
high-speed, and compact designs of various systems.

Industrial AFEs/ADCs

Industrial AFEs/ADCs

Zero latency Delta Sigma ADC is a new concept
of A/D converters that has both SAR's high accuracy
and Delta Sigma's high linearity.

Two-way Radio ICs

Two-way Radio ICs

Over 20 years development history from discrete components to integrated circuits.
Mixers, PLL Synthesizers, IF Rx with Narrowband Filter, Analog Baseband.