AKM Invites You to View Our New Emerging Technology at CES 2016

At CES 2016, AKM will show a variety of innovative technology solutions, which can propel consumer electronic products to the forefront of their market. AKM staff will be available to meet with you for detailed technical discussions about AKM’s new technology solutions, as well as business and long-term roadmap discussions. AKM will be hosting meetings by appointment in the Westgate Las Vegas. Contact an AKM sales to schedule an appointment.
Meeting Room Information : Westgate Las Vegas, East Tower Jan. 6th - 8th


Audio Room

Special Announcement: Newest Flagship High-Resolution Audio DAC

AKM will announce the flagship “VERITA” DAC AK4497. AKM will release the detail of product spec and demo using the reference design combines AKM’s newest SRC, (AK4137), to achieve the up-sampling from any input to, 768kHz/32-bit. The AK4497 provides the best sound quality and astonishing performance such as super-low distortion and highest SNR performance on product lineup.

AKM’s Latest Portable 32-bit Audio Product Push the Limits for HiFi

We will be showing some of the latest smartphones that use our latest 32-bit high performance and ultra-low power consumption solutions. These products will be on display for you to listen to and experience the latest sound quality potential in some of the newest generation products and compare live to other industry leading devices. You can also experience AKM’s 2016 generation devices further pushing the limits of consumer audio sound quality given the tight constraints of their overall system design.

Ultra Low Cost Single Microphone Full Duplex Echo and Noise Solution for IoT Devices

AKM will showcase the capability of our royalty free, single microphone, echo and noise suppression algorithm, running on the AK7755 DSP. This algorithm will be shown using a consumer IP camera’s mechanical housing to show real world performance capability achieving full duplex performance. This algorithm/DSP solution can be applied to many new IoT devices that need true, full duplex audio communications.

Smartphone Karaoke Solution

AKM has developed and implemented on the Google Nexus platform a karaoke solution taking advantage of AKM’s Hi-Fi DSP/CODEC solution. This algorithm incorporates a stereo adaptive echo canceller, dual-mic beamforming, and feedback suppressor, along with vocal effects such as, “Hall”. The effect requires little power consumption running on the AKM proprietary DSP core.

In-Car Communications

In-car communications has become a popular topic in new car design today. AKM has developed an in-car communications algorithm that allows for an open mic in the car while audio is playing. This enables drivers to speak comfortably to rear passengers in the car without shouting. To achieve this, AKM is using its echo canceler, feedback canceling, and noise canceling technologies combined to achieve a complete in-car communication solution.

In Car Voice Command, Voice Tag, Wake-Up

AKM’s new AK7707 DSP solution enables Asahi Kasei’s latest algorithms for voice commands, voice tags and voice wake-up in the automotive environment. The car can be a challenging environment for reliable speech recognition performance so Asahi Kasei has developed an algorithm that specifically addresses these issues in the car. The AK7707 can run this new algorithm of loading the task from the main SoC in the system.

Sensor Room

Programmable 3-Axis Switch Developed for the IoT / Connected Home

This is a fully functional proof of concept sensor system made for door/window movement, human presence, and door/window open close detection. AKM has developed a high sensitivity programmable switch independently for all axes, (X, Y, Z), allowing for unique switching cases in the Security, IoT, and connected home markets. To further expand functionality of the system we have paired our new AK09970 with the AK9750 to know when a person is present but has not yet opened/closed a window or door. Come by and see a live demo.

Smart Lock Proof of Concept using AKM’s Angle Sensor + Motor Driver + Human Presence

AKM will showcase a fully functional smart lock proof of concept. Demo will show door lock rotation by our motor driver (AP1017) and Angle sensing from our AK7401 will allow the detection of 360 or more. Simplifying designs for EU, Asia, and USA lock designs bringing connected home to all markets with one hardware design.

AKM’s Battery protection/Energy Harvesting Reference Design for IoT/Wearables

AKM has released the world’s lowest power consuming PMICs, which consume in the 10’s of nanoamps. This product is perfect for a small design trying to accomplish energy harvesting or battery protection! AKM will present a proof of concept reference design that partners with Alta Devices flexible solar cells for wearables. Using a standard single cell lithium battery, AKM will provide over discharge protection as well as over charge protection in a single device.

Low Power, Nearfield, Human Presence Sensor for IoT / Connected Home

A simple presence detection system will be shown using only the AK9750, battery, LED and passive components. The AK9750 is a photovoltaic infrared sensor that passively senses human presence up to 1 meter without the use of an IR emitter. Instead, the sensor detects radiation emitted from the human body. With a size of 4.6mm x 3.8mm and low power consumption, (<100uA operating/1uA sleep), this device is a great fi t for next-generation products.

Modular Magnetic Sensor Demo Kit with Correlated Magnetics Research Magnetics

This new demo kit was based on our popular magnetic sensor demo kit and makes it modular to effectively test different configurations of sensors and programmable magnets by Correlated Magnetics Research, (CMR). This kit will include possible options, including: switches, latches, linear, pulse encoders, and angle sensors. Perfect for Connected Home, Automotive, and Industrial Applications!.