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AKM released new onechip encoders AK8779A/B with 150°C operation temperature for automotive products

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AK8779A / AK8779B

Anti-pinching detection
(for power window lifters/sunroofs/power slide doors/platform doors/grill shutters/electric garage shutters/etc.)

Position/Rotary detection
(for flow meters/air-conditioner wing control/dial input devices/etc.)


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) released new product lineups of onechip Hall IC for magnetic pulse encoders, which has already been used in automotive application such as anti-pinching detection of power window lifters.
  The AK8779A/AK8779B is a small magnetic sensor which can output the information required for detection of movement/rotation amount and direction only with one sensor. AKM’s unique magnetic sensing technique can relax the restriction of magnetic pitch and magnet position, and will enable customers to reduce time and cost of encoder design.
  The AK8779A/AK8779B is designed based on the conventional products AK8777B/AK8778B, and its operating temperature has been improved to 150°C. Faster output refresh period of 8.3μs and lower supply voltage of 3.8V are also remarkable enhancement on the AK8779A/AK8779B.


 (1) Free magnetic pitch, free magnet position

 (2) High operating temperature : -40 to 150°C

 (3) Fast response time

: output refresh period = 8.3μs(typ.)
 (4) Wide supply voltage : VDD=3.8 to 24V
 (5) High sensitivity : ±2mT(typ.)
 (6) Small package : SOT23-6W (2.9mm x 2.8mm x 1.1mm)
 (7) Automotive qualified
 (8) High ESD endurance


 AK8779A: pulse/direction output
 AK8779B: A/B phase pulse output

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