ASAHI KASEI MICRODEVICES CORPORATION (AKM) will be exhibiting our products and technologies at MOTORTECH JAPAN 2016

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) will be exhibiting our products and technologies at MOTORTECH JAPAN 2016 to be held at Makuhari Messe.
This year our coreless current sensor under development will draw your attention as a new lineup. Besides this, One-chip pulse encoder IC and the rotation angle sensor such as magnetic sensor application products, and analog digital converter (ADC) which play important role in the signal processing of the sensors will also be displayed. For coreless current sensor we provide a demonstration using developing sample that you will be able to experience the function.

Coreless Current Sensor NEW 「CZ-380x」「CQ-320x」 (Under development)


Even in a coreless architecture, this sensor has a disturbing magnetic field suppression function on chip. This sensor measures the magnetic flux created by the current, but it will not sense the magnetic flux which wraps the whole sensor such as the disturbing magnetic field. It is a current sensor that can take a more accurate measurement under large disturbing magnetic field. Because of the small package, it is very suitable for applications that have many current paths in a limited area such as the distribution board and the three-phase inverter circuit.

To meet the many requests, and following the CQ-330x in sale which is an ultra-small coreless current sensor (5V operation), we are developing a 3.3V operating current sensor. This low-voltage operating current sensor is a product that can be widely recommended for applications such as air conditioning and solar power conditioner.

Onechip Pulse Encoder 「AK877x」 (Available now)

Onechip Pulse encoder AK877X

AK877x is a Hall IC developed for magnetic incremental encoders. By detecting each of longitudinal magnetic field and horizontal magnetic field applied to the IC separately, so the IC provides ideal output independent to the magnetization pitch of the magnet. Hence this product improves the degree of freedom of the layout of a magnet and the sensor, this will contribute to a reduction in your design man-hour cost. It is ideal for motor applications such as automotive body system of entrapment detection mechanism and for an input device.

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Rotation Angle Sensor 「AK740x」 (Available now)

This IC detects the orientation (angle) of a magnet placed above the sensor. Its angular resolution has accuracy equivalent to 12bit, and it will detect the rotational position, the valve opening angle in industries application, etc. There is also a high-speed type of this sensor that can be used to control the motor.

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Zero latency Delta Sigma A/D Converter(ZDS ADC) 「AK923x」「AK924x」 (Under development)

Industrial AFE/ADC

It is an innovative A / D converter that acts like a SAR(successive approximation register) ADC while maintaining the linearity of the delta-sigma ADC. Small magnetic encoder (30mmΦ / 40mmΦ) demo will be presented at our booth using AKM’s magneto-resistive element. Please check the possibility of magnetic encoder in your eyes.

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In the exhibition booth(booth number 5B-207 POWER SYSTEM JAPAN 2016) of Rubycon Corporation has planned the demonstration of its high-performance condenser, which uses our product. You will feel the superior sound quality of our product.

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