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AKM Invites You to View Our New Emerging Technology at CES 2017

AKM will show a variety of innovative technology solutions which can propel your product design to the forefront of the market.
AKM staff will be available to meet with you for detailed technical discussions about AKM’s new technology, as well as business and long-term roadmap discussions. AKM will be hosting meetings by appointment in two rooms at the Venetian Las Vegas. Contact an AKM sales representative to schedule an appointment.

Meeting Room Information : Venetian Las Vegas Jan. 5th - 7th

Audio Room

Come and experience the culmination of AKMs 30 years of audio IC and process development for audio. AKMs new “Verita” products utilize a custom process in AKMs IC manufacturing specialized for sound quality. This technology needs to be heard to be believed. Demonstrations in this room will include the latest “Verita” High-end audio DAC, portable HiFi solutions, and DSP integration for audio and voice processing.

"Verita" High-End Audio DAC with Industry Leading Sound Quality

AKM will demonstrate the AK4497, AKM’s newest 32-bit high-performance, voltage output audio DAC. This new DAC is capable of -116dB THD+N, 128dB dynamic range, up to 768kHz and 22.4MHz DSD. This is the world’s highest performance voltage output DAC. The sound quality of this DAC is unparalleled in the industry. Come to the Venetian to hear it for yourself.

Portable Hi-Fi Solution

AKM will be demonstrating our latest combination of technologies to maximize sound quality from a portable solution. AKM has developed a new DAC, Headphone amplifier, and sound quality LDO. The combination of these three devices redefines what the capabilities of a portable system can be.

AKM’s Latest Portable 32-bit Audio Product Pushes the Limits for Hi-Fi

AKM will show some of the newest smartphones that use AKM’s latest 32-bit high performance and ultra-low power consumption solutions. These products will be on display for you to listen to, and experience the latest sound quality potential in some of the newest generation products, and compare live to other industry leading devices. You can also experience AKM’s 2017 generation devices, further pushing the limits of consumer audio sound quality given the tight constraints of their overall system design.

Low Cost IoT Voice Command Solution

AKM has developed a new proprietary voice recognition algorithm that can be used to detect predefined user commands. This adds potential new characteristics to your product, adding features like voice input commands, voice tags and voice wake-up. The algorithm will be demonstrated running on our new AK7707 audio DSP.

Smart Voice Password Algorithm

AKM has developed and implemented a new algorithm that enables user specific voice passwords. The algorithm allows 5 or more passwords that can individually be set to different sensitivities. This enables voice commands that any person can use. The password voice algorithm can be adjusted for loose or strict forms of protection.

Bidirectional In-Car Communications

In-car communications has transitioned from a popular topic to a requirement in new car infotainment designs today. AKM has developed a new in-car communications algorithm that allows bidirectional communication with open mics in the car while audio is playing. This enables the passengers of the car to speak comfortably the car without the need to shout. To achieve this, AKM is using its echo canceler, feedback canceling, and noise canceling technologies combined to achieve this complete in-car communication solution.

Automotive Radio DSP Solutions

AKM will be displaying our roadmap of new radio DSP solutions that include many advanced features. These features offer great voice, audio, and telematics processing, leveraging AKMs long history and experience in the Automotive market. Achieved traditional AM/FM radio & digital radio performance will complete ''Total Audio Solution'' with those advanced features. It could be configurable for world-wide platform with your requirement.

Sensor Room

AKM has continually expanded its sensor lineup that began over 35 years ago. AKM has unique process technology enabling the creation of unique devices. Come witness our quantum-type IR technology, ultra-small coreless current sensor, and the new programmable 3 axis smart switch. These technologies have been integrated into several IoT and consumer applications that will be on display in the Sensor Room.

Cloud-Connected Power Measuring Module for Home

AKM has developed a proof of concept cloud-connected module which can accurately measure power consumption at the plug. The module contains AKM’s ultra-small coreless current sensor, the CQ33xx, combined with an AWS hardware development platform can measure and report to the cloud, power consumption at regular intervals automatically via standard wireless communication. The user can monitor power consumption data in real time through smartphone and PC applications.

Smart Lock for Connected Home 3-Axis Hall sensor, with Angle Position Sensor

3-Axis Hall sensor

The 3-Axis Hall sensor in combination with a simple magnetics, can monitor a door’s position, (closed or open). It also can monitor a door’s and/or window’s condition used as a positioning sensor. 3-Axis Hall sensor’s advantage is ultra-low power consumption and magnetic sensitivity range, which can provide long battery life as well as the ability to use standard fixed magnets and customize your trigger points.

Angle Position Sensor AK7401

The AK7401 in combination with a standard magnet can confirm the position of a lock, (locked or unlocked), via absolute angle measurement, any number of rotations cw or ccw (0 to ∞ degrees). This measurement can measure for abnormal situations of the lock to verify correct position thus ensuring safety and simplicity for different countries.

AKM’s All New Development Platform, AKDP

Come and see the all new AKM Development Platform showcasing most of AKM’s Sensors in a modular form. This system will allow for quick evaluation and prototyping faster, with real time testing and logging of data all with your Android Device wirelessly over a basic BLE connection.

IR Sensor Technology

AKM’s passive IR technology is leading the IoT and consumer markets with functionality like Human Presence, Flame Detection, and Gas detection. Our newest technology showcases technology allowing for reliable presence detection @ ~10 ft mounting options could include ceiling or wall locations with optimized lensing (from a 3rd party). Our solution is great for battery conscious systems, and you can’t beat the small size @ 4.6mm x 3.8mm x 1mm (w, l, h)

Universal Functionality from the 3-Axis Hall sensor w/AKDP

Making a new IoT product? Need a 3 Axis Unipolar Switch, how about a pulse encoder with a button press or maybe an Omnipolar 3 axis switch, or maybe even a simple Angle sensor with button press? Our new 3-Axis Hall sensor Programmable Smart switch can potentially do it all, it takes is a little software and the right mechanical design but this amazing new device needs to be seen to believe all the potential it has. Come see a live demo of the new programmable 3 axis Magnetic Sensor.

Digital Crown for Smartwatch Using Magnetic Sensors

With a rapidly expanding smartwatch market, a digital crown has become a necessary part of the user interface. AKM, the world’s number one supplier of eCompass, is proposing a new, “Digital Crown Sensor”, targeting smaller size and low cost. Key benefits to sealing the system removes concern for dirt, moisture, and complex mechanical structure, using AKM’s expertise in magnetic hall effect technology.

Deep UV LEDs from Crystal IS

Crystal IS deep UV (UVC) LEDs accelerate the innovation and commercialization of smaller, more effective products for a variety of applications, including: sensors that monitor the quality of water and air and systems for on demand drinking water disinfection. By improving how these instruments and systems operate; Crystal IS UVC LEDs are helping to meet new environmental regulations and address evolving health concerns. Working together with customers, Crystal IS is uncovering even more possibilities for enhancing and sustaining life with its technology. Come see this exciting technology in action.

* Information on this page is current on the date of press release.
* AKM is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation in Japan, Europe and the United States.

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