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AKM releases a DC-DC Converter for Secondary Power Supply with ±2% Power Good Function: the AP3440 series for Automotive Applications

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Power management > Power supply control IC >Step-down DC-DC converter
Monolithic Step-Down DC-DC Converter with High-Accuracy Power Good
Automotive ECU, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has launched the AP3440 series, 4.5A drive high-efficiency DC-DC converter for automotive ECU applications requiring high-speed processing.

The AP3440 integrates a high-precision power good function. It is suitable for a power supply of CPU core and DDR that are used in a high reliability required system such as ADAS.
The AP3440 series is available in 1.112V, 1.227V, 1.822V output voltage to meet various system requirements.

● Supporting High Reliability Systems

The output voltage is constantly monitored by ±2% high precision power good function. When the output voltage is in an abnormal state, the AP3440 sends the error flag signal to microcomputers promptly. It supports a fail-safe environment with appropriate data saving processing.

● Downsizing PCB

The AP3440 integrates a MOSFET that can supply maximum output current of 4.5A in a 5mm × 5mm 28-pin QFN package with a heat dissipation pad on the back surface. 2.1MHz operation helps miniaturizing peripheral components. Therefore, a printed circuit board can be downsized.

● 150°C warranty

Electrical characteristics are guaranteed in Tj = -40 to 150°C, assuming operation environments that require high reliability.


AP3440ABN series
Monolithic Step-Down DC-DC Converter with High-Accuracy Power Good
Product Name AP3440ABN111 AP3440ABN122 AP3440ABN182
Input Voltage[V]4.1 to 5.5
Output Voltage[V]1.112 +2.07%,-1.80%1.227 +1.96%,-1.79%1.822 +1.81%,-1.87%
Output Voltage
Monitoring Threshold (H)
[V]1.164 +1.63%,-2.00%1.280 ±1.64%1.905 +1.63%,-1.68%
Output Voltage
Monitoring Threshold (L)
[V]1.063 +1.69%,-1.60%1.172 ±1.62%1.763 ±1.64%
Maximum Output Current[A]4.5
Oscillation Frequency[MHz]
2.1 ± 7.14%
Operation Temperature[°C]-40 to 105
28-pin QFN  (5 x 5 x 0.75mm, 0.5mm pitch)
Available Now
Available NowAvailable Now
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