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Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), will exhibit some new products and technologies at the 35th MOTORTECH JAPAN 2017, held at Makuhari Messe.

2017 April 19(Wed) - 21(Fri) 10:00 - 17:00

Coreless Current Sensors:
CZ-381x AK31xx

We will introduce the CZ-380x automotive compatible product of the coreless current sensor CZ-381x series that has a magnetic field disturbance suppression function.
Miniaturization of battery unit is required for PHEV / EV. Stable performance as a current sensor can be demonstrated even under the influence of disturbance magnetic field which increases with miniaturization.
We also have a demonstration that you can experience the disturbance magnetic field suppression function at the exhibition hall, so please have a look directly.

[AK31xx] Exhibited during development
AKM realized the industry's lowest noise, low offset current sensor. This makes precise control (motor silence, high efficiency, etc.) in motor vector control.

Reference Design Board for Coreless Current Sensor and A/D Converter

AKM’s compact high speed response coreless current sensor and an A/D converter, which can fully draw out the coreless current sensor performance, are mounted on the one board. Since the circuit configuration and board layout are optimized, it can be referred as a reference design and it is capable to check the performance of the coreless current sensor.

Reference Design Board

One-chip Pulse Encoder: AK877x

The AK877X is ideal for motor applications such as entrapment detection mechanism of the automotive body system and input devices.

Rotation Angle Sensors 
High precision 14-bit “AK7452” is panel display.

Non-contact rotary encoders can be easily composed with AKM’s magnetic rotation angle sensor and a diametrically magnetized two-pole magnet.
Currently, 12-bit resolution products are in mass production, and a 14-bit product under development is panel displayed. Compared to conventional optical encoders, it is possible to improve environmental resistance performance against oil stains and dust. Mass production is scheduled for 2018 / spring.

For the industry's highest class 20 bit magnetic encoder
magnetoresistive element (SMRE)
MS series

AKM’s semiconductor magnetoresistive element (SMRE) can detect rotation angle of the gear by combining a bias magnet. Because AKM's SMRE has extremely good temperature characteristics and extremely small element variability, it is possible to detect rotation angle with high resolution exceeding 20 bits in the industry's highest class.
It is easy to handle hollow structures with these encoders, making it ideal for hollow servo motors for machine tools and robots.

[Reference Exhibit]
A/D Converter with Noise Reduction Function (ZDS-NS ADC)

A demonstration of, "ZDS-NS ADC", that has both immediate response of successive approximation, (SAR), A/D converter and noise reduction effect of ΔΣ A/D converter by oversampling, will be shown at AKM’s booth. A powerful effect of noise improvement can be seen.

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