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AKM releases power control IC, the AP1400, which supports 2-cell Li-ion batteries with flexible power supply sequence control.

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Power Management > Power Control IC > Power Management IC (PMIC)
Support 4 to 12 V Input Voltage
Multichannel System Power Control IC
Sequencial Control by Registers
Various Protection Functions
Digital Single-lens Reflex Cameras, Mirror-less Cameras, Camcorders


Asahi Kasei Microdevice Corporation, (AKM), has launched a multi-channel power control IC, the AP1400, equipped with a 4-channel DC-DC converter and a 2-channel LDO, supporting 4 to 12 V input voltage.

Start and stop sequences for each channel can be set independently via registers. This enables a wide range of power control for the AP1400 according to each operation mode.

Since various protect functions such as input current sense function are built in, the AP1400 can be safely stopped in cases of abnormality.

● Flexible Control of Power Up Sequence

Since the wait time until start-up operation (0 to 32 ms, 8 settings), soft start time, (1 to 10 ms, 4 settings), and power-on channels can be selected via register settings, an optimum power profile for your product model and operation modes can be achieved.

● Low Standby Current

In standby mode, the CPU power supply and I2C control are active. The current consumption as low as 19uA at maximum which provides a long battery life.

● Small Package

The AP1400 is housed in a small WLCSP of 2.9 mm x 4.1 mm, shrinking the system size.



Multichannel System Power Control IC
Product NameAP1400AEC
Input Voltage4.0 to 12.0V
Startup SequenceThe AP1400 can set the power-up sequence and start time of each regulator via register settings.
Protect FunctionPre-start Abnormal Voltage Detection, Short Circuit Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Thermal Protection, Undervoltage Protection
Standby Current Consumption19 uA (max)
DC-DC Converter
Buck-boost 1ch
Buck 3ch
Soft Start and Output Discharge Functions
DDC1: 5.3V±2% / 700mA (max), Built-in FET, 2MHz
DDC2: 4.25V±2% / 2300mA (max), Built-in FET, 2MHz
DDC3: 3.3V±2% / 4000mA (max), External FET, 1MHz
DDC4: 4.0V±2% / 600mA (max), Built-in FET, 2MHz
Load Switch 2chLDSW1: Ronmax=200mΩ , Constant Current Control, Output Discharge Function
LDSW2: Ronmax=200mΩ
LDO 2chAlways-On
LDO5: 5.0V / 50mA (max) EN="L", 250mA (max) EN="H"
LDO3: 3.3V / 50mA (max)
Current Sense 3chSense Current Range: 0 to 6.4A
External Load Switch Control (with latch function)
CS1: Gain x20, x40, x100, Analog Output (Maximum Output: 3.2V, Settling Time: 20us)
CS2: Gain x20, x40
CS3: Gain x20, x40
Powergood OutputStart Detection Function for 4ch DC-DC converter and External 2ch LDO
External Clock Synchronization
1.5 to 2.5MHz
External Power Supply Voltage
for Communication
3.3V or 1.8V
InterfaceI2C Interface (400kHz max)
Operating Ambient Temperature-30 to 70°C
Package65-Pin WLCSP (0.4mm Pitch, 2.9mm x 4.1mm)
Size (D/W/H) [mm]2.9mm x 4.1mm x 0.6mm
StatusAbailable Now
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