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AKM releases the AP115xAEU series, a Small Package of Low Output Noise, High Performance LDO Regulator, and Active Noise Filter

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Power Management > Power Control IC > LDO regulator
High Performance LDO Regulator, Active Noise Filter
High precision D/A Converters, High precision A/D Converters, RF ICs, PLL, VCO, etc


Market demands for reducing mounting areas of IC’s are increasing in accordance with the multi-functionalization, downsizing, and decreasing thickness of electric equipment. In response to these needs, Asahi Kasei Microdevice Corporation, (AKM), has launched low-output noise LDO regulators , and an active noise filter, the AP115xAEU series, housed in a small package.

The AP115xAEU series achieves miniaturization to 1.8 × 2.2 × 0.6 mm while maintaining low output noise performance of AP1150ADSXX, AP1151ADS, AP1152ADUXX, AP1158ADS. In addition, the AP115xAEU has significantly improved heat dissipation by adopting a package with a heat dissipation pad on the bottom surface, (Power Dissipation is 1.6 times to 3 times higher than the previous series).


AP115xAEU Series
Low-output Noise LDO Regulator
Active Noise Filter
Product Name AP1150AEUXX AP1151AEU AP1152AEUXX AP1158AEU
Input Voltage[V]2.1 to 14.02.1 to 14.02.1 to 14.51.8 to 14.0
Input Current[μA]---65  (at Io=0mA)
Maximum Output Current[mA]200200300150
Output Voltage[V]1.5 to 5.4  (8 Voltage)1.3 to 13.5  (Variable with external resistance)1.8 to 5.0  (8 Voltage)-
Reference Voltage and Accuracy[V]-1.27V ± 20mV--
Dropout Voltage[mV]120  (at Iout=100mA)120  (at Iout=100mA)105  (at Iout=100mA)Variable with resistance
Output Noise
40μVrms  (at Vout=3.3V)40μVrms  (at Vout=3.3V)50μVrms  (at Vout=3.3V)60nV/√Hz  (at 1kHz)
Ripple Rejection[dB]
80  (at 1kHz)80  (at 1kHz)80  (at 1kHz)66  (at Io=30mA)
Operation Temperature[°C]-40 to 85
Power Dissipation[mW]1500
PLP1822-6  (w/ heat dissipation pad)
Mass production from June 2017


Product Name
Output Current
Output Voltage
Power Dissipation Package
AP1150AEUXX  New 200mA 1.5 to 5.4V 1500mW PLP1822-6
AP1150ADSXX 200mA 1.5 to 5.4V 500mW SOT23-5
AP1151AEU  New 200mA 1.3 to 13.5V 1500mW PLP1822-6
AP1151ADS 200mA 1.3 to 13.5V 500mW SOT23-6
AP1152AEUXX  New 300mA 1.8 to 5.0V 1500mW PLP1822-6
AP1152ADUXX 300mA 1.8 to 5.0V 900mW SOT89-5
AP1158AEU  New 150mA Noise Filter
1500mW PLP1822-6
AP1158ADS 150mA Noise Filter
500mW SOT23-5
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