Premium DAC

High-End Audio DAC with Industry Leading Sound Quality

AKM will demonstrate AKM’s newest 32-bit high-performance audio DAC.  It will be setup for you to hear the sound quality first hand.

Portable Hi-Fi Audio

AKM’s Latest Portable 32-bit Audio Product Pushes the Portable Limits of Hi-Fi

AKM will be demonstrating our latest portable audio solution.  This new DAC with headphone amplifier combines AKMs latest sound technology to maximize sound quality from a portable solution.

Hi-Fi Audio CODEC

Fully Integrated USB Type C Hi-Fi Audio CODEC

AKM will be demonstrating the new CODEC that is a fully integrated high-performance USB type C audio solution.

Audio & Voice Processors

New Audio 32-bit Hi-Resolution DSP Core Solutions

Two new DSPs use a F32.5 data format that enables a 32-bit mantissa with sign bit, a 5-bit exponent.  This revolutionary new architecture is more ideally suited for audio processing than the traditional IEEE 32-bit floating point processing.


New Voice Interface Product Lineup

AKM will be introducing three new devices targeting the quickly expanding connected home market.


CES 2018

Speaker Sound Quality Enhancement Solution

AKM has a newly developed ultra-low noise current sensor AK31XX for audio system.  This sensor is ideal for motional feedback (MFB) applications that feedback speaker current and actively improve sound quality.  AK31XX minimizes sound quality degradation due to impedance and realizes sound quality enhancement including the speaker itself.

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