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For Wonderful Cruising
~ Safe & Comfortable Cabin ~

This is an experience AKM delivers to automobile owners with AKM’s products and solutions. 

We will provide various products and solutions to achieve safe, secure, and comfortable experiences for automobile owners.

Safe Cabin
~ Bring Safety and Security into the vehicle’s cabin ~

Advancing technologies of vehicles improve the safety performance of cars daily.  Technologies such as power steering, wipers, and power windows have become commonplace.  New technologies have been developed, such as object detection, (vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles), to avoid collisions, and lane marking identification on the roads to prevent lane deviation.  It’s now also possible to lock/unlock vehicle doors and make an emergency calls automatically.
Asahi Kasei Microdevices, (AKM), will continue to contribute to autonomous driving, an emerging technology of the near future, enabling safer, more comfortable vehicles.

Comfortable Cabin
~ Making for an enjoyable experience in the vehicle ~

Cars are a way of transportation, but are also living spaces where people spend a large amount of time.  There are many technologies that keep this space comfortable.  Air conditioning is well controlled, realistic sound effects like being in a concert hall are provided when playing music, and noise-free communication technology for enjoyable conversations.
Asahi Kasei Microdevices, (AKM), will contribute unique technologies for in-vehicle improvements so that everyone riding in cars can spend more comfortable time in their living space.

for Wonderful Cruising
for Wonderful Cruising04



for Wonderful Cruising03
AKM envisions an, “autonomous driving vehicle".
"for Wonderful Cruising"

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