for Wonderful Living

Comfortable Space
~ Comfortable and Convenient Housing with Everyone's Joy ~

Housing is a space where people gather, rest and relax.

Having a comfortable living space where variety of household appliances are connected, air and temperature, brightness can be controlled anytime.

There are technologies that making indoor facilities response to your speech or realizing a clear conversation between two distanced spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom or the entrance and living room.

It will bring a joy, if your room is filled with a sound with realistic effects like being in a concert hall when playing music.

Asahi Kasei Microdevices, (AKM), will continue to contribute to making comfortable and convenient spaces.

for Wonderful Living


Comfortable Space
Main Applications
( Recommended Products / Solutions )

● Lighting Equipment /
Home Appliances :
Automatic ON/OFF
● Sanitary :
Automatic Opening /
Closing of Toilet Seat
● Door phone / Intercom /
Home Appliances / Water
Heat : Voice Operation on the Control Panel
● Entrance / Living Room /
Bathroom / Kitchen /Sanitary:
Doorphone / Intercom Call
● Air Conditioner / Power Conditioner / EcoCute / ENE・FARM : Current Detection / Energy Saving
●Audio / AV Equipment
● Audio / AV Equipment
● Ventilation / Environment Management Equipment
● Home Appliances :
Door Opening / Closing Switch
● Home Appliances :
DCBL Motor Control

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