LTE-A/LTE/WCDMA RF Transceiver with Digital Interface for Femtocell/Smallcell

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LTE-A/LTE/WCDMA RF Transceiver

AK1587 is a FDD-LTEA /TD-LTEA/FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE/WCDMA RF transceiver providing a highly integrated solution of 4Tx4Rx MIMO or two Carrier Aggregation (CA)channels in a single chip. Also included on chip are the associated built-in 2 blocks of Tx and Rx LO. A single AK1587 chip can support 2x2 MIMO configuration for inter-band CA, intra-band non-contiguous CA, intra-band contiguous CA, LTE/WCDMA dual mode, or 4x4 MIMO configuration for single Carrier Component (CC).

*Under Development

Key Features

Ø       4Tx4Rx MIMO or Carrier Aggregation, including independent fractional-N frequency synthesizers for each 2Tx 2Rx
Ø       FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, with 2 Carrier Aggregation, and WCDMA modes
Ø       Operation over a frequency range of 700MHz to 2.7 GHz
Ø       Channel bandwidth from 1.4MHz to 20 MHz x 2CC
Ø       Built in Crest Factor Reduction
Ø       Tx and Rx FIR filters
Ø       ultra low power consumption, 1.6W at 10MHz + 10MHz BW (PCC&SCC) and 2W for 20MHz + 20MHz BW.
Ø       225pin FBGA (0.8mm pitch, 13mm´13mm)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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