123dB 192kHz 24-Bit Advanced Multi-Bit ADC

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The AK5394A is a 24bit, 192kHz sampling 2ch A/D Converter for professional digital audio systems. The modulator in the AK5394A uses the new developed advanced multi bit architecture. This new architecture achieves the wide dynamic range and wide bandwidth, while keeping superior distortion characteristics. The AK5394A performs 123dB dynamic range, so the device is suitable for professional studio equipment such as digital mixer, digital VTR etc. The operating voltages support analog 5V and digital 3.3V, so it is easy to I/F with 3.3V logic IC.

Key Features

• 128x Oversampling

• New advanced multi bit Architecture ADC

• Sampling Rate: 1kHz to 216kHz

• Full Differential Inputs

• S/(N+D): 110dB

• DR: 123dB

• S/N: 123dB

• High Performance Linear Phase Digital Anti­Alias filter

• Passband: 0 to 21.768kHz(@fs=48kHz)

• Ripple: 0.001dB

• Stopband: 120dB

• Digital HPF & Offset Calibration for Offset Cancel

• Power Supply: 5V ±5%(Analog), 3 to 5.25V(Digital)

• Power Dissipation: 665mW

• Package: 28pin SOP

• AK5392/3 Semi-Pin Compatible

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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