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Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) is a leading manufacturer of 3-axis electronic compass using Hall element technology. We have the leading market share in the global 3-axis electronic compass IC's for consumer applications and play a pivotal role in expanding the use of the electronic compass.

AKM electronic compass ICs uses magnetic sensors (Hall element) with wide dynamic range and ideal linearity. The silicon monolithic structure achieves high accuracy and reliability, and it is optimized for high-volume manufacturing. Based on this technology, AKM's electronic compass can detect azimuth direction with a very high accuracy. In addition, with small and thin packaging, AKM’s electronic compass is widely used in products with limited mounting space, such as Smartphones.
AKM, with its extensive knowledge of electronic compass, is the ideal partner if you are considering to implement a “pedestrian navigation with GPS” on a cell phone, mobile tablet or mobile PC.

We provide not only hardware, but also DOE™ compensation software (winning "the Imperial Invention Award of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation" FY 2012), in addition to other software applications that enhance the user experience with our electronic compass.
The combination of hardware, software and technical support is an advantageous characteristic of the AKM electronic compass.

We will continue to provide the best solution through development of the compact, low-voltage and high-performance electronic compass IC and advanced software to our customers in the future.

NEW AK09915C / AK09915D
The 3-axis Electronic Compass with FIFO* Buffer for Smartphone

● The Electronic Compass with FIFO Buffer

The AK09915C has a 32-step FIFO buffer, which minimizes the load on the host processor reducing the number of interrupts by the electronic compass with FIFO. For example, system power consumption can be reduced using FIFO when executing a data logging that does not need a real-time response.

● Support 200Hz Output Data Rate (ODR)

The AK09915C has built-in magnetic sensitivity adjustment circuit, so users don't need to adjust magnetic sensitivity by software.

●Low-Power Consumption Mode/Low-Noise Mode

The AK09915C has two drive modes: low-power and low-noise drive modes. In low-power mode, the consumption current can be suppressed by 10% compared with the AK09912C. In low-noise mode, measured noise will be reduced to half of that compared to the previous AK09912C. Additional noise reduction is available with a Noise Suppression Filter (NSF).

● One-chip Electronic Compass Architecture with Wide Measurement Range

The AK09915C inherits advanced characteristics from AKM’s established hall elements technology, like a wide measurement range. This wider measurement range makes the compass less sensitive to magnetic interference from other parts within the portable device, providing greater freedom in device design by enabling more flexibility in the placement of the compass on the printed circuit board.
The AK09915C consists of AKM’s exceptional one-chip electronic compass architecture with a 3-axis magnetic sensor comprising Si monolithic Hall elements and a magnetic concentrator. This provides inherently superior performance than a traditional multi-chip module configuration in which even slight orthogonal errors during module assembly have a critical effect. With the Si monolithic architecture, the Hall elements are manufactured directly on a single silicon substrate. Together with the magnetic concentrator, this enables mapping and assembly of this production using conventional semiconductor manufacturing equipment to maintain a stable supply of inventory even as demand grows rapidly.


Product Name NEW AK09915C/D
3-axis electronic compass IC
3-axis electronic compass IC
3-axis electronic compass IC
3-axis electronic compass IC
3-axis electronic compass IC
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Part# Data
Sensitivity Analog
I/F Package
      µT/LSB typ. V V µA typ. µA typ.    
AK09911C0.62.4 to 3.61.65 to VDD32400@100Hz


AK09912C0.151.7 to 3.61.65 to VDD31000@100Hz




1.7 to 3.61.65 to VDD3900@100Hz



AK09916C0.151.65 to 1.9511100@100HzI2CWLCSP5





2.4 to 3.61.65 to VDD3280@8HzI2C/

4-wire SPI


The Basics of Electronic Compass

This page and accompanying animations provide a basic overview of an electronic compass and explains how it has become valuable in various applications such as navigation devices.

What is an Electronic Compass?

Electronic Compass : How it works

Electronic Compass Development Kit


Electronic Compass Development Kit is designed for development of electronic compass.

This Kit is easy to use, and easy to modify for development of electronic compass.

The compass software is provided to customers upon acceptance of the agreement attached to the Kit.



 ○Easy to start with USB cable connection to PC.

 ○8bit PIC microcomputer is on the control board.

 ○The PIC is applicable for in circuit serial programming of ICD2.

 ○The source code programmed is provided in C language.


Please contact us if you wish to purchase an Electronic Compass Development Kit.







Software for Android


Open-source Android software is available for download from the link below.


Download link : "github.com"



How to calibrate the electronic compass


 When you are using compass application on a mobile terminal (such as a smartphone), have you ever seen the message such as "Interference from a magnetic field. Re-calibrate by waving the phone in a figure 8 motion"?


This message is displayed when the phone moves into a magnetic field, and the electronic compass suffers interference from the field. When this occurs, the electronic compass can't detect the azimuth direction at a high accuracy without a re-calibration.


We don't neet to manually re-calibrate, because the AKM electronic compass has an auto-calibration routine by software.

However, the method of "waving the cell phone in a figure 8 motion" is quick and effective method to re-calibration.


But, you don't know how to move the phone in "a figure 8 motion", don't you ?


So, we have created a web-site that explains in detail how to calibrate the electronic compass.
You can easily learn about how to calibrate while watching the video in this web-site.
Come web-site to see it for yourself.


Web-site link :"Official Site for Electronic Compass Calibration"

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