Human sensing

Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) provides the infrared photo-diode (quantum-type infrared sensor) based on the manufacturing technology of compound semiconductor which has been developing with magnetometric sensor products.
Cooling process is not necessary and room temperature operation is possible, while the advantage of quantum type infrared sensors, such as a fast response and a direct-current output, remains.
This feature enhances ease of use, and makes small and thin size possible.

AKM provides an infrared sensor element IR1011 and sensor IC AK9752/AK9750 which integrates infrared sensor elements and other components such as a signal processing IC.
IR1011 is suitable for a infrared sensor element which is applied to the measuring instruments of gas concentration or temperature.
AK9752/AK9750 can be use as an all-in-one human detection sensor.

The World's Smallest Class One-chip IR Sensor, capable of detecting through Glass and suitable as a Human Sensor in Home Information Devices


The AK9752AE is a human presence sensor for short range applications, detection distance about 1m. It is capable of detection through glass and suitable for sophisticated designed Portable PCs and home information products.
The AK9752AE integrates AKM’s original InSb quantum IR sensor element, an analog front end circuit that converts current output of the element into voltage, a dedicated thermometer to measure the element temperature, a 16-bit A/D converter (ADC), an I2C interface and an interrupt output.

● Capable of Detection through Glass
● Lens-less Device, (detection distance: 1m), in an Ultra-Compact and Thin Package
● Built-in Thermometer
● Low Power Consumption

One-chip ultracompact passive infrared sensor IC which is suitable for human detection sensor


AK9750 is a sensor IC which integrates 4ch infrared sensors, a signal processing IC, a field of view limiter for determining detection area, and an optical filter.
Human detection can be easily achieved by this integration.
AK9750 provides 16-bit digital output in I2C format after calibrating an offset and gain variation of each sensor element by the signal processing IC.
This device can detect human presence not only in motion but also not in motion because it converts infrared of human body to electrical signal directly.
Suitable for a human detection sensor in PC, IoT applications, and household equipment.

Ultrasmall and high sensitivity infrared sensor


IR1011 is a quantum-type ultrasmall infrared sensor corresponding to surface mounting, which can operate at room temperature.
This sensor is a InSb photo diode besed on manufacturing technologies of AKM's Hall elements.
The sensor can detect infrared with no power supply, and has features of quantum-type infrared sensor such as high sensitivity, high speed response and DC output.


Human sensing
Infrared Sensors (Human sensing)
Product Name NEW AK9752AE
IR Sensor IC
IR Sensor IC
IR Sensor Element
AK9752AE AK9750 IR1011
Number of IR Sensor
Optical filter
On chip
Spectral sensitivity[μm]2 to 75 to 72 to 7
Effective detection range[m]< 1< 1As is
16-bit A/D converter
On chip
Interrupt pin (Open drain)
On chip
Built-in Thermometer
Range of -30 to 85°C are available on I2C busRange of -10 to 60°C are available on I2C bus
Power Supply
[V]1.65 to 1.951.71 to 3.63
Power Consumption
Max. 100uA (10Hz Output)
Typ. 10uA (1Hz Output)
Max.100μA (10Hz Output)
Max.1μA (Power down)
Operation Temperature
[°C]-30 to 85-40 to 85

6-pin SON
10-pin SON4-pin SON
Size (D/W/H)[mm]2.2 x 2.2 x 0.63.8 x 4.6 x 1.192.65 x 1.9 x 0.4
Main applications
Human approach detection then Device ActivationSeat/Detach Detection, People counting General-purpose
In Mass Production from Apr. 2017In Mass Production
Part# Data
Package Oper.

V V μA μA
AK975010pin SON (4.6mmx3.8mmx1.2mm)-30 to +851.71 to 3.631.65 to VDD10100I2C
6pin SON (2.2mmx2.2mmx0.6mm)-30 to +851.65 to 1.9510100I2C
IR10114pin SON (2.65mm×1.9mm×0.4mm)-40 to +8500

Classification of infrared sensors

Emission spectrum from object

The infrared rays are light of wavelength from 0.75 to 1000μm. The human body or any objects emit the infrared light,

and its spectral irradiance depends on their temperature.


□ Gas sensor, Human detection sensor, Temperature sensor

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