Digital Audio Interfaces

The AK410X/1X series is a 24-bit digital audio transmitters/transceivers/receivers. The channel status supports both consumer and professional formats and the AK410X/1X series has automatic detect function of Non-PCM data streams such as AC-3 and MPEG, capable to realize a AC-3 system with a multi-channeled CODEC. Dedicated parallel pins or serial µP interface is available for setting the device. The AK410X/1X series is housed in a small package, saving board space.

AK4118A: Multi Functional Digital Audio Interface with Ultra-low Jitter PLL

The AK4118A is a digital audio interface IC that is designed for professional and high-end consumer audio equipments. The receiver section (DIR) generates a master clock for the local digital audio interface from bi-phase data signals. Standard digital audio data streams are supported, including AES3, IEC60958, S/PDIF and EIAJ-CP1201. The AK4118A achieves industry-leading performance, utilizing an ultra-low PLL with jitter measured under 50ps rms. The clock generated by this highly accurate PLL greatly improves the performance of data converters such as an audio DAC, and it enables superior sound quality for high-end digital audio systems.

Part# Data
Bits Fs RX
Vdd Package Control IF
Ch Ch Bits kHz V
AK4101AVQYes82428 to 192544LQFP4-wire / HW
AK4103AVFYes22428 to 192524VSOP4-wire / HW
AK4104ET2248 to 1923.316TSSOP4-wire
AK4113VFYes2248 to 2166:13.330VSOP4-wire / I2C / HW
AK4115VQ222422 to 2168:13.364LQFP4-wire / I2C / HW
AK4117VFYes22432 to 1922:13.324VSOP4-wire
AK4118AEQ222432 to 2168:13.348LQFP4-wire / I2C / HW

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Digital Audio Interfaces
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[Q5001] What is the difference between Master Clock Operation Mode0 and Mode2 of the Digital Audio Receiver products line?

[A5001] PLL clock source when RX input is stopped (UNLOCK state) is different.
Mode0: PLL is operated on free running clock.
Mode2: PLL is operated by an external XTAL clock.


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