Sampling Rate Converters

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The AK412X series is a stereo/multi-channeled sampling rate converter. It integrates a PLL or an oscillator and does not need a master clock. Therefore it greatly simplifies the system construction. The AK412X series is suitable for a data line connection of different sampling rates such as studio audio equipments, high-end car-audios and DVD recorders.

AK4128A/AK4129: High Performance 216kHz 8ch/6ch Asynchronous Sampling Rate Converter

The AK4128A and AK4129 are 8ch/6ch digital sampling rate converters. The input audio source, that is in the range of 8kHz to 216kHz sampling rate, is converted to 8kHz to 216kHz sampling rate and output. These devices support master mode and TDM data interfaces, enabling multi inputs of asynchronous stereo data. They are suitable for a data line connection of different sampling rates such as high-end car-audios and DVD recorders that needs multi-channeled function.

Part# Data
Bits Input
fs (FSI)
fs (FSO)
DR Vdd Package Control IF

Bits kHz kHz dB V    
AK4120VF2208 to 4832 to 961173.324VSOP3-wire / HW
AK4122AVQ2248 to 9632 to 961173.348LQFP4-wire
AK4127VFYes2248 to 2168 to 2161403.330VSOPHW
AK4128AEQ8248 to 2168 to 2161403.364LQFPHW
AK4128AVQYes8248 to 2168 to 2161403.364LQFPHW
AK4129VQYes6248 to 2168 to 2161403.364LQFPHW
AK4132VTYes2248 to 968 to 481003.3 / 1.8
AK4133VNYes2248 to 1928 to 481103.3 / 1.8
AK4136VQ2328 to 3848 to 3841763.3/1.848LQFP
AK4137EQ2328 to 7688 to 7681863.3/1.848LQFP

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