Deeply aware of the responsibility of the corporation for preservation of the global environment,
irreplaceable for humankind, the Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) conducts

every phase of corporate operation, from product development to production, use and disposal,

with consideration and care for environment, safety and health.





Environment policy and management 

 With the prevention of environmental pollution accident and zero emission as its basic policies,

each division sets an environmental target at the beginning of the year.

 Environmental protection activity is established by all plants and departments introducing

the environmental management system (ISO14001).
 At the beginning of the year, activities for target achievement are planned. The status of

achievement is regularly checked and additional measures are taken where necessary to ensure

the goal is achieved by the end of the year.

 To check whether these PDCA cycles are properly operated, we train internal auditors and conduct

mutual audit with other divisions.
In addition to the voluntary audit, we regularly conduct an audit via a certification authority to ensure

continuation of certification and steady operation of the management system.

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4 AKM provides a booklet of  “AKM Quality and Environment Handbook” describing our

   “Environment Management” mentioned above. Shown and Downloaded by the following button. 



 AKM - - - "Quality and Environment Handbook"  (Total 124 pages) Download (7MB)



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