Low-Jitter and High-Resolution Programmable Multi Clock Generator Offering Arbitrary Clock Frequencies
AKM's high-performance 4ch programmable multi clock generator realizes common platform in Consumer and Automotive applications.

Tokyo Japan, Mar. 7, 2014 - Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) today launched the AK8140A, a member of AKM's High-performance programmable clock generator. The AK8140A generates up to four output clocks from a single input frequency with two fractional-PLLs. Each output can be programmed for any frequency up to 230MHz. PLLs in AK8140A are derived from AKM's long-term-experienced clock device technology, and enable to output clocks performing low jitter and very low current consumption.

The AK8140A is available in a 24-pin HTSSOP package.



Automotive Ethernet AVB System, Automotive Video System, Car Navigation and Display Audio, Audio Amplifier System, AV Receiver, DTV System, STB, IP-STB, DVD Player and DVD Recorder



Many electrical apparatuses have electric modules and devices such as display, USB Controller,Ethernet Controller,Bluetooth Module,GPS Module,Camera System,Audio DSP, Audio Codec and so on around SoC and Application processor. These Modules and devices needs reference clock frequency individually to operate and play a role in the system.
AK8140A four output clock frequencies can be programmed by register setting arbitrarily. AK8140A can provide all kinds of output clock for peripheral modules and devices. Since clock frequencies are easily adjusted according to various demands, it is possible to develop common platforms of the main PCB.



 1. Part No.                                              : AK8140A

 2. In-System Programmability                   : Serial Programmable Register via SDA/SCL pin
 3. High Accuracy Clock Generator            : < 0.2ppm
 4. Flexible Input Clock Source                  : Crystal Unit 16MHz - 60MHz
                                                             : External Clock 4MHz - 100MHz
 5. Free Programmable Clock Frequencies : LVCMOS : up to 160MHz (CLK1-4)
                                                              : LVDS : up to 230MHz (CLK4p/n)
 6. Low Jitter Performance by using PLL2  : Period Jitter (1σ) : 8.3ps Max.
                                                              : Cycle to Cycle Jitter (1σ) : 12.8ps Max.
                                                              : Long Term Jitter (1000 cycle, 1σ) : 41.7ps Max.
 7. Supply Voltage                                   : Device Power Supply  : VDD1-4 : 3.0 – 3.6V
                                                              : Output Buffer Power Supply : VDDO1-2 : 1.7 – 3.6V
 8. Operating Temperature Range              : -40ºC to +85ºC 
 9. Package                                            : 24-pin HTSSOP (Lead free)


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Note) AKM is a trade mark of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation.


To obtain more information about the AK8140A, please visit here.


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