2.0A High-side LED Driver for Camera Flash with I2C



Tokyo Japan, Mar.13 2014, Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) today launched the AP2061AEC and AP2063AEC.


 【Products Name】
AP2061AEC / AP2063AEC


【General Description】
2.0A High-side LED Driver for Camera Flash with I2C


Smartphones, Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones and PDAs


【Development Background】

The AP2061AEC and the AP2063AEC are white LED drivers that are most suitable for camera flash applications of portable equipment.

These devices integrate high-efficiency synchronous DC-DC converters and maximum 2A current sources while they are the smallest devices in flash LED drivers.

They support ultra-small inductors and small ceramic capacitors with 4MHz switching frequency.

The internal current sources allow grounded cathode connections of LED for easier heat dissipation and simple LED arrangement.

In addition, a safe LED system can be realized by integrated protection functions for the drivers and LEDs.
The AP2061AEC is housed in a small size package (16-pin 0.4mm pitch CSP) and the AP2063AEC is housed in an ultra-small size package (9-pin 0.5mm pitch CSP),

saving much space on a system board.



1. LED Current: max. 2A, High-side current source
2. Switching Frequency: 4.0MHz, supporting very small 0.47uH inductor
3. Automatic Switch Operation Mode between DC-DC and Bypass mode
4. Input Voltage Detection Function
5. Protection Functions:
        - LED Thermal Detection
        - Inductor Current Limit
        - Input Voltage Detection
        - Over Voltage Detection (OVP)
        - Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)
        - Thermal Shutdown
        - LED Open/Short
        - Output-ground Short
6. Package:
    AP2061AEC (16-pin CSP, 1.56mm x 1.56mm, 0.4mm pitch)
    AP2063AEC (9-pin CSP, 1.56mm x 1.64mm, 0.5mm pitch)


To obtain more information about the AP2061AEC, please visit here.

To obtain more information about the AP2063AEC, please visit here.