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Our advanced mixed-signal LSIs feature low power consumption, high speed, and high precision. Mixed-signal LSIs play an essential role in bridging the gap between the analog information of the natural world and the digital information of electronic systems.
Applications range from mobile communications including smartphones to automobiles, industrial equipment, and infrastructural equipment.
The electronic compass, an advanced product which combines magnetic sensors and LSIs in a single device, finds widespread use in smartphones and other portable devices.

Magnetic sensors

Hall elements are high-performance magnetic sensors used for control of brushless motors in optical disc drives and air conditioner fans, for image-stabilization mechanisms in digital cameras and smartphones, as well as many other areas.
Hall ICs, comprising a combination of Hall elements and signal processing circuits, are used for mobile phone open/close detection switches and automobile power windows.
Utilizing the thin-film compound semiconductor technology gained through experience in magnetic sensors, we are developing infrared (IR) sensors with smaller size for an expanding range of applications.

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