High Performance 24-bit 4ch CODEC with Microphone/Headphone/Speaker/Line Amplifiers


AKM today launched the AK4695, a 4-channel audio CODEC featuring low noise at low power. It is the latest member of the Audio2go™ product family, and it is ideal for multi-channel recording applications such as digital video cameras and digital still cameras. The recording section delivers high quality realistic sound, with four separate integrated low noise microphone amplifiers, low noise microphone power supplies, input selectors, and ALC (Automatic Level Control) blocks. For playback, a dynamic range control circuit, a buffer for stereo line output, a stereo capacitor-less headphone amplifier and a mono speaker amplifier are integrated.


The CODEC includes low-noise microphone pre-amplifiers, as well as a power supply circuit for microphones with microphone sensitivity adjustment function. An integrated wind noise reduction filter, a stereo separation emphasis filter, an ALC circuit and a soft mute function are available for both recording and playback. Other playback features include dynamic range control, digital volume control, stereo line amplifier, a 30mW/ch cap-less headphone amplifier and a 400mW speaker amplifier. An integrated charge pump circuit for the headphone amplifier generates a negative voltage, eliminating the need for output AC coupling capacitors.


The sampling rate ranges from 8kHz to 48kHz. The operating voltage ranges from 2.7V to 3.5V for the analog core, speaker amplifier and charge pump, from 1.6V to 2.0V for digital section and headphone amplifier, and from 1.6 or (DVDD–0.2)V to 3.5V for the digital interface.


The AK4695 has a power supply management function which controls each circuit block, providing power consumption control. It is available in a small 42-pin CSP package (3mm × 3.5mm), saving board mounting area.


Evaluation boards and samples are available now.  

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