AKM Invites You to View Our New Emerging Technology at CES 2015

At CES 2015, AKM will be demonstrating a variety of innovative technology solutions which can propel consumer electronic devices to the forefront of their market. AKM staff will be available to engage with you in detailed technical discussions about the new technology solutions, as well as business and long term roadmap discussions. AKM will be hosting meetings by appointment in the Las Vegas Hotel.

Energy Harvesting Solutions

Come and learn about AKM’s energy harvesting solutions. AKM has developed voltage detectors and step-up DC-DC converters with industry leading current consumption (20nA) ideal for energy harvesting solutions. Our DC-DC converter can operate from an input power of only 50uW generated from a single solar cell under indoor lighting. This DC-DC converter is not limited to a solar cell input but could be used to generate a usable voltage extremely efficiently from any minute power source.

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Bluetooth Speaker System with Long Range Dual Mic Noise and Echo Cancelling

AKM will be demonstrating a hands-free system which uses our dual microphone long range echo and noise cancellation algorithm enabling high-quality voice communications. This algorithm is running on our new low cost AK7755 DSP with integrated CODEC. When this BT speaker system is streaming music, the AK7755 also performs high quality stereo audio processing.

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AKM's Latest Portable 32bit Audio Product Launches

We will be showing two just announced smart phones that use our latest 32bit, high performance and ultra-low power consumption solutions. These products will be on display for you to listen to and experience the sound quality potential in the newest generation of AKM devices. These two mobile products use the AK4375 and AK4961 that are able to realize superb sound quality given the tight constraints of their overall system design.

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High Performance Asynchronous USB Sound Card

AKM has developed a bus powered asynchronous stereo input and output USB reference design. This design uses AKM’s brand new high performance CODEC, the AK4558, which achieves 108dB dynamic range for both its ADC and DAC. This system also incorporates a Microchip PIC32 to handle the asynchronous USB to I2S data transfer.

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Ultra Low Cost Single Microphone Full Duplex Echo and Noise Solution

AKM will be showcasing the capability of our royalty free single microphone echo and noise suppression algorithm running on the AK7755 DSP. This algorithm will be shown using a consumer IP camera’s mechanical housing to show real world performance capability achieving full duplex performance.

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Premium Audio DAC Up-sampling Reference Design

AKM's latest high-performance audio DAC (AK4490) is combined with AKM’s newest SRC (AK4137) achieving premium performance levels. This solution is capable of up-sampling from any input to 768 kHz with these 32-bit devices achieving an analog performance of 120dB Dynamic Range and -112dB THD+N. The new AK4137 supports DSD to PCM and PCM to DSD conversion, as well as DSD over PCM (DoP).

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DSP with Integrated Digital ANC Headphones

Come experience the latest in technology from AKM and demo our digital ANC solution. This digital ambient noise canceling solution is going to be incorporated in our next generate DSP with integrated CODEC (AK4962). This digital ANC solution allows for easy tuning vs. traditional analog ANC, and it supports enough DSP horsepower to perform audio processing simultaneously.

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Wireless Dimmer

The demonstration kit consists of a transmitter and receiver to develop a wireless remote switch and dimmer system. On the transmitter, user input is captured using AKMs unique rotational hall effect sensor and is transmitted using the 400MHz ISM band enabled by the AK3711. On the receiver, the AK3701 receives 400MHz ISM band signal and down-converts the signal for a microprocessor to control AP2152N LED driver.

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