AKM will be demonstrating on MOTORTECH JAPAN 2015.

We will exhibit in TECHNO-FRONTIER 2015 33rd motor technology exhibition to be held at Makuhari Messe. You can see the part of innovative technologies such as product performance and features by slide show and demonstrations. For Hall element, Hall IC and semiconductor magneto-resistive element, free technical consultation relates to a magnetic sensor are performed.

Ultra-small coreless current sensor

CQ-330x is a coreless current sensor with withstand voltage 3kV while being very small. By adopting AKM specific compound semiconductor Hall element, the sensor unit boasts a high sensitivity (~ 325mV/A). Among open-type current sensors, CQ-330x has achieved the industry's highest level of response rate (0.5usec)*, accuracy (1.3%)* and low noise. Compared with a conventional current sensor or the combination of the resistor and the isolation amplifier, miniaturization and cost reduction of the inverter-circuit for the servo motor can be achieved.
*AKM investigation

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Semiconductor magneto resistive element for absolute encoder

The semiconductor magnetic resistance element is designed for magnetic absolute encoder. Include 3 elements for Master / Nonius / Segment (using principle of vernier calipers). A small and thin absolute encoder, specific for the high accuracy servo motor application, can be realized by use of a slit disk.

Ultra Small Analog Front-End for Encoder and A/D converter for current sensing

Recent years, the demands of downsizing are increasing for industrial motors. AKM will launch AK9240, an ultra-small 2-channel analog front-end, and AK9231, a small 2-channel ADC.
An analog front-end of small and high resolution encoders can be designed with these devices. They are suitable for optical encoders and magnetic encoders, using AKM semiconductor magnetic resistance elements.
A current sensor is used on vector control and over current detection in servo drivers and industrial AC drivers. By using AK9223 for these functions, a small and high performance motor system can be designed.