Mono CODEC with 1W Output SPK-Amp; the AK4637 is suitable for IoT applications.

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Low Power Audio 24-bit Mono CODEC with Microphone/Speaker Amplifiers
IP Cameras, Digital still cameras, MFP (Multi-function Printer) and IoT (Wearable and Home automation etc)


Since the market demand for single-chip recording/playback CODEC for potable and IoT equipment is increasing, AKM has developed the AK4637EN.
It is ideal for IoT (internet of things) or portable devices requiring a low-power audio 24-bit monaural CODEC with a microphone amplifier, speaker amplifier with built in regulators.
The AK4637EN improves its resolution to 24bit from 16bit and the speaker output power from its predecessor, the AK4633EN. Package size is also minimized and can be used as a monaural version of the AK4951EN.
Evaluation boards and samples are available now.

●1W Output SPK-Amp

The integrated monaural speaker amplifier is capable of 1W output power to directly drive an integrated speaker for playback requiring no external components. 

●Advanced Recording Function

This device integrates a low-noise/low-power microphone amplifier and microphone power supply to enable high quality, realistic recoding performance. This is achieved by “Wind Noise Reduction Filter”, “5-band Notch Filter” that allow for the removal of specific system tones/noises and a “Digital Automatic Level Control (ALC) Circuit” to optimizes recording levels.

●Low-power Consumption

The AK4637EN achieves very low-power consumption: 6.5mW in monaural recording mode and 11.6mW in speaker playback mode, improving battery life of mobile devices.

24bit Mono CODEC AK4637


1. Sampling Frequency: 8kHz~48kHz

2. Mono 24-bit ADC

        - S/(N+D): 83dB, S/N: 88dB (MIC Gain=18dB)

        - S/(N+D): 84dB, S/N: 95dB (MIC Gain=0dB)

3. Microphone Amplifier: +30dB ~ 0dB, 3dB step

4. Wind Noise Reduction Filter

5. 5-Band Notch Filter (available as Equalizer, switching Gain during operation is available)

6. High-performance Digital ALC (Automatic Level Control)

7. Digital Microphone Interface

8. Sidetone Mixer & Volume Control

9. Digital Volume Control for Output

10. Mono 24-bit DAC

11. 1W Output Mono Speaker Amplifier (with Line Output Switch)

12. Analog Mixing: BEEP Input

13. Regulator achieving high PSRR

14. PLL built-in Loop Filter corresponding various clock frequency

15. uP I/F: I2C-bus

16. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +85℃

17. Power Supply

        - Analog Power Supply (AVDD): 2.8 ~ 5.5V

        - Digital Power Supply (DVDD): 1.6 ~ 1.98V

        - Digital I/O Power Supply (TVDD): 1.6 or (DVDD-0.2) ~ 3.6V

18.Package: 20pin QFN (3mm × 3mm, 0.4mm pitch)

To obtain more information about the AK4637, please visit here.

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