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AK4962: Industry’s Leading Audio Performance DSP with Integrated CODEC and Digital Noise Cancelling

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32-bit 2ch Advanced Audio DAC, 32-bit 2ch DAC, 32-bit 4ch ADC with
Microphone/Headphone Receivers, Line-amplifier, Audio/Voice DSP, Asynchronous SRC and SLIMbus I/F.

Applications Portable Audio (Smartphones, Tablets, Portable Music Players and etc.)
VELVETSOUND AdvancedAudioDevices


The portable audio market is demanding a premium sound quality solution because of the growing availability of high-resolution audio content. Improvements in video recording resolution also increase the demand for high-resolution sound recording quality. A leading supplier of high sound quality potable audio devices, Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed the AK4962, an advanced audio CODEC with DSP. This single chip solution integrates sound quality techniques using AKMs high-end audio knowledge, audio recording techniques from digital still/video cameras and hands-free techniques for automotive applications of AKM. 
The AK4962 is the new, higher performing solution of the AK4961 that has been adopted by many potable audio products mainly smartphones since it was launched in 2014. The AK4962 enhances high quality sound technologies of the AK4961 and has newly added digital active noise cancelling function.
The AK4962 is a high performance with incredible sound quality audio CODEC for portable devices based on AKM’s VELVET SOUND architecture that has been widely adopted by well-established high-end audio companies. For sound processing, the AK4962 is capable of various functions for mobile applications such as dual Tx/Rx noise suppression, echo canceling and hands-free, reducing the load to the main processor while improving battery consumption.

● Reduce Ambient Noise for Headphones with Digital Active Noise Cancelling Function

The AK4962 provides clear sound experiences even in a noisy environment with a headphone that have microphones for noise collecting. This function works as digital compensations, realizing more efficient noise cancelling when compared to traditional analog implementation.

● Recording Function Provides Live Acoustic High Quality Sound

The AK4962 integrates a low-noise and low-power consumption microphone amplifier and microphone power supply, realizing high quality realistic sound recording using AKM’s original sound processing by the internal DSP.

● Best Playback Sound Quality

The AK4962 achieves -106 dB THD+N and 125dB SNR, the top level performances in D/A converters with headphone amplifier for portable devices. It has improved reproducibility of the original sound by achieving under -100dB THD+N performances in all audible bands.
It is capable of detailed sound expression with AKM’s original switched capacitor filter and OSR Doubler technology that are integrated into premium D/A converters for high-end audio products. In addition, four sound colors are available by 32-bit digital filters. They are selectable according to the user audio and system preferences.

Advanced DSP CODEC AK4962ECB



 Advanced Audio DSP CODEC

 32-bit Advanced Audio Stereo D/A converter (4 types of Digital Filters)
 Ground Reference Class-G Stereo Headphone Amp (THD+N: -106dB, S/N: 125dB)
 4ch Low-power Consumption A/D converter (2 types of Digital Filters for sound colors)
 Low-noise Microphone Amplifier in PCM Recorder Class
 Two Low-Jitter PLLs Correspond Various Clocks
 Crystal Oscillator
 Impedance Detection Function for Jacks/Headsets/Buttons/Headphones
 4 Asynchronous SRCs
 Active Noise Cancelling Function (ANC)
 SLIMbus & Audio Interface
 Audio/Voice DSP with Hardware Accelerator
 - Noise Suppression for Single/ Dual Microphone
 - Full Duplex Hands-free Echo Canceller
 - Improved Receiving Voice Articulation
 - 5-band Equalizer, Dynamic Range Control, ALC and Wind Noise Reduction Filter
 Microcontroller Interface
 SPI/ I2C (1MHz) & SLIMbus
 Power Supply
 - Analog: 1.7 to 1.9V
 - Digital Core: 1.14 to 1.26V
 - Digital Interface: 1.65 to 3.6V
 Operational Temperature Range  -40 to 85°C
 Package  125-pin CSP

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● Advanced Audio DSP CODEC

 Product Name  AK4962ECBAK4962ECB
 Advanced Audio CODEC
 with DSP
 Advanced Audio CODEC
 with DSP
 32-bit 4ch HiFi A/D Converter  24-bit 3ch HiFI A/D Converter
      Sound Color
 2 Types
 - Sharp Roll-off, GD=19/fs
 - Short Delay Slow Roll-off,
 3 Types
 - Sharp Roll-off1, GD=12.1/fs
 - Sharp Roll-off2, GD=14.1/fs
 - Short Delay Slow Roll-off,
 32-bit Advanced Audio Stereo
 D/A Converter
 32-bit Advanced Audio Stereo
 D/A Converter
      Sound Color  4 Types, 32b-it 8-fold Digital Filters
 - Short Delay Sharp Roll Off
 - Short Delay Slow Roll-off, GD=4.7/fs
 - Sharp Roll-off
 - Slow Roll-off
 Headphone Amplifer  Ground Referenced Class-G
 Stereo Headphone Amplifier
 - Output Power: 25mW @ 32Ω, 40mW @ 16Ω,
   THD+N < 0.1%
 - Output Noise Level: -125dBV
   (Analog Volume  < -14dB)
 - Analog Volume: +6 to -20dB & Mute,
   2dB Step
 - Ground Loop Noise Canceling
 Ground Referenced Class-G
 Stereo Headphone Amplifier
 - Output Power: 25mW @ 32Ω, 40mW @ 16Ω,
   THD+N < 0.1%
 - Output Noise Level: -119dBV
   (Analog Volume  < -14dB)
 - Analog Volume: +6 to -40dB & Mute,
   2dB Step
 - Ground Loop Noise Canceling
      Low power mode
 Not Available
      S/N  125dB
      THD+N  -106dB  -99dB
      Head phone impedance
 Not Available
      Active noise cancel
 Not Available
 Digital Audio Interface  - Sampling Rate
   ADC: max 192kHz, DAC: max 384kHz
 - Master/ Slave Mode
 - Sampling Rate
   ADC: max 96kHz, DAC: max 192kHz
 - Master/ Slave Mode
      TDM mode
 Not Available
 4 stereo
 5 stereo
 Low Jitter PLL
 Crystal Oscillator  Available
 Power Management Function  Available
 Microcomputer Interface  SPI/ I2C(400kHz) & SLIMbus
 VELVET SOUND Technology
 - Switched Capacitor Filter
 - OSRD (Over Sampling Ratio Doubler)
 - Switched Capacitor Filter
 Power Consumption  ADC: 8.9mW (fs=44.1kHz)
   36.1mW (fs=44.1kHz,  High Performance
   13.9mW (fs=44.1kHz, Low power mode)
 ADC: 6.9mW (fs=44.1kHz)
 DAC: 9.5mW (fs=44.1kHz)
 Power Supply  AVDD (DAC, PLL): 1.7 to 1.9V
 CVDD (HP-Amp, Charge Pump): 1.7 to 1.9V
 LVDD (LDO2 for Digital Core):: 1.7 to 1.9V (built-in LDO)
 TVDD (Audio I/F): 1.65 to 3.6V
 Operation Temperature  -40 to 85°C
 Package  125-pin CSP (4.576 x 5.224, 0.4mm pitch)
 116-pin CSP (4.522 x 4.774, 0.4mm pitch)
 Sales Start  Apr. 2016  Available Now
VELVET SOUND™ is a brand concept of, “sound philosophy”, given to AKM’s new generation of audio devices and, “new architecture & core technologies”. A new circuit is designed to, “balance the amount of information and intensity”, and, “focus on the original sound”, to achieve rich musicality and high performance. This circuit contains specifications and features suitable for the high-resolution audio era.

About “Audio 2 Go”

Audio 2 Go™ products are designed for portable audio applications, including smartphones, tablet computers and media players, which provide feature-rich, single chip solution with low power consumption and high audio fidelity.

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