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New lineup to the low-noise LDO AP115x series; AP1155ADL is suitable for high-power applications, supporting up to 1A output current

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Low-noise LDO regulator with output voltage adjustability,
supporting 2.4 to 14.0V input voltage and 1A output current

- Radio equipment, PLL, VCO, Mixers, LNA 
- Digital still cameras, Image sensors 
- Measurement instrumentation, High speed/high precision AD and DA converters, Operational amplifiers 
- Automotive Infotainments, Post regulator for switching-mode power supply


Recently, high power performance with low noise characteristics is required for every application. AKM has developed the AP1155ADL capable of supplying up to 1A of output current. It is a low-noise LDO regulator supporting a wide input voltage range while the output voltage is adjustable.
The AP1155ADL is the newest product of AP115x series, which are redesigned products of industry standards TK series that are low-noise and stable bipolar LDO regulators successfully adopted by many products.

● Low Noise

The AP1155ADL realizes high ripple rejection with low noise characteristics by adopting silicon monolithic bipolar architecture.

● Supporting High Power Applications

The AP1155ADL is capable of supplying 1A output current stably. It is housed in an HSOP-8 package with exposed-pad. Therefore, it has high heat radiation performance and is suitable for high power applications.

● Wide Range Adjustable Output Voltage

A suitable output voltage for the application can be selected in a range from 1.3V to 13.5V by external resistors.


Operating Voltage Range 2.4 to 14.0V
Programmable Output Voltage 1.3 to 13.5V
Maximum Output Current 1A
Reference Voltage Precision 1.21V ± 35mV
Dropout Voltage 300mV at Iout=1A
Output Noise 35uVRMS(typ.) at 400Hz to 80kHz
Ripple Rejection Ratio 80dB(typ.) at 1kHz
Available for low noise applications
Small-sized ceramic capacitors selectable
On/Off control (Active High)
Over Current Protection and Thermal Shutdown Protection
HSOP-8 with exposed-pad
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 85°C
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The AP115x-series correspond to a broad input voltage range up to 14V and guarantee its characteristics in overall operating temperatures, providing a stable performance in wide range of operating environment.
Product Name Output Current Output Voltage Package
Temperature guarantee Range Package
Distributors/ Representatives
NEW AP1155ADL 1A Adjustable
1.3 to 13.5V
HSOP-8 -40 to 85°C Digi-Key
AP1154ADLXX 1A Fixed
1.8 to 5.0V
HSOP-8 -40 to 85°C Digi-Key
AP1152ADUXX 300mA Fixed
1.3 to 9.5V
SOT89-5 -40 to 85°C Digi-Key
AP1151ADS 200mA Adjustable
1.3 to 13.5V
SOT23-6 -40 to 85°C Digi-Key
AP1150ADSXX 200mA Fixed
1.3 to 9.5V
SOT23-5 -40 to 85°C Digi
AP1153ADSXX 100mA Fixed
1.3 to 5.0V
SOT23-5 -40 to 85°C
AP1157ADVXX 100mA Fixed
1.3 to 5.5V
SON0202-6 -40 to 85°C
AP1159ADSXX 100mA Fixed
0.9 to 1.2V
SOT23-5 -40 to 85°C Digi-Key
AP1156ADSXX 150mA Fixed
-1.3 to -1.5V
SOT23-5 -40 to 85°C Digi-Key
AP1158ADS 150mA Noise Filter SOT23-5-40 to 85°C Digi-Key

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