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AKM releases an Infrared Sensor with Optical Filter; the AK9710 is suitable for NDIR CO2 Sensing

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Infrared Sensors > CO2 Sensing
InSb Quantum IR Sensor with Optical Filter (Uncooled Type)
NDIR (NDIR: Non Dispersive Infrared) CO2Sensor, Flame Detection
InSb Quantum IR Sensor with Optical Filter


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), provides an infrared sensor element IR1011 and a sensor IC AK9750 which integrates infrared sensor elements and other components such as a signal processing IC. An uncooled InSb type photovoltaic power element is used as the core of infrared sensor elements.
AKM’s new IR sensor, the AK9710, has optical filters that pass infrared observing spectrum band of CO2. An NDIR CO2 sensor can be made easily with this optical filter.
The AK9710 achieves high sensitivity and high speed response while adopting a small package. It contributes to a smaller and reduced the power consuming CO2 sensor. CO2 sensor equipped with AKM's IR sensor contributes to high efficiency of air conditioning system and realization of comfort environment(*1). The AK9710 is also suitable for detecting refrigerant leakage(*3) on air conditioners. In the coming years, chlorofluorocarbon(*2) refrigerants in automotive air conditioners will be replaced by CO2 refrigerants since a CO2 refrigerant has very low greenhouse gas effects compared to the chlorofluorocarbon.
The AK9710AD, automotive version of the AK9710, (AEC-Q101 compliant), will be in mass production from August 2017.
The AKM's IR sensor can also be used for flame detectors by detecting infrared emanating from flame.

(*1) CO2 concentration of fresh air is normally 400ppm. If this concentration exceeds 2000ppm, it will cause drowsiness, headache and sense of fatigue.
(*2) Chlorofluorocarbon has several hundreds to hundred thousand times GWP (Global Warming Potential) than CO2 in addition to damaging of the ozone layer. In Europe, all refrigerants that exceeds 150 GWP are banned for automotive air conditioner after 2017. VDA, (Verband der Automobilindustrie), has decided to use CO2 refrigerant from 2017 onward.
(*3) Compressor pressure that use CO2 refrigerator is 10 times higher than the ones using chlorofluorocarbon; it operates at 100 atmospheric pressure. The AK9710 is capable to detect refrigerants leaks(*3) in a car.

● High Sensitivity, High Speed Response

Conventionally, a thermopile is used in an NDIR gas sensor.  The AK9710 has a 3X higher sensitivity and more than 1000 times faster responsiveness than thermopile solutions.

● Integrate Optical Filter that Passes Infrared Observing Band

There is measurable spectrum in the infrared band of CO2. The AK9710 has an optical filter that only passes the infrared portion of the band. With this optical filter, system designs can be simplified.

● Small Plastic Package

SMD Type (3mm x 3mm x 1.01mm)


InSb Quantum IR Sensor
with Optical Filter (Uncooled Type)
Product NameAK9710AEAK9710AD
(AEC-Q101 compliant)
Output Current Ip (nA)1.04 to 4.9
Internal Resistance (kΩ)75 to 188
Optical Filter (μm)4.28 ± 0.27
Operation Temperature (°C)-40 to 85-40 to 90
Size (D/W/H) (mm)3 × 3 × 1.01
StatusMass Production
Mass Production
from August 2017
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