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AKM releases an Automobile Keyless Entry RF Transmitter IC, the AK3713

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AFEs & RF ICs for Automotive > Short Range RF IC
RF transmitter IC for remote keyless entry, 315MHz / 433MHz
Remote Keyless Entry, Wireless Transmitter


Small size with long battery life are important features for automobile keyless entry systems.  Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has released the AK3713 for remote keyless entry.  A microcontroller-less system can be designed with the AK3713 since it incorporates peripheral circuits including an EEPROM.  This also accomplishes low power consumption, small PCB area and a reduction of the BOM size.  In addition, general remote-control systems can be designed by combining the AK3701 and a receiver IC.


● Integrated EEPROM eliminates the need for microcontroller

The user can design a system without an external microcontroller by programming the integrated EEPROM.  Various messages can be transmitted using different combinations of the four switches.

● Low Current Consumption

The AK3713 contributes to longer battery life for battery-driven applications due to low stand-by current of 15nA (typ.) and low operating current of 11mA (typ.).

● Wide Output Power Range

Optimal output power range can be selected from -4dBm to +8dBm, (0.5dB steps), in accordance with the actual use case.  For example, current consumption is reduced when output power decreases and longer communication distance is achieved when output power increases.

● High Security with the AES-128 and Rolling Counter Process

High message transmission security is achieved via AES-128 encryption.  The receiver can identify the corresponding AK3713 via rolling counter values programmed in the EEPROM.

● Adaptable to a Variety of Wireless Systems

The AK3713 meets various system needs since Manchester / Bi-phase encoding and FSK / ASK modulation are available.

Short Range RF IC


Product Name AK3713
Remote Keyless Entry RF Transmitter IC
Remote Keyless Entry RF Receiver IC
Output Power (dBm) +8  (Max. power) -
Receiver Sensitivity (dBm) - -117  (ASK) / -118  (FSK,
Dev.: +/-15kHz,  BER: 0.1%,  Data Rate: 2.8kbps)
Input / Output Frequency Range (MHz) 312.05 to 315.15 and 433.09 to 434.59 312 to 316 and 433 to 435
Mod./ DemodulationASK / FSKASK / FSK
Power Supply (V) 2.0 to 3.64.5 to 5.5
Current Consumption (mA) 11  (Output power : +8dBm)9
Operation Temperature (°C) -40 to 85-40 to 110
Package 20-pin QFN
(4 x 4mm)
28-pin TSSOP
(9.8 × 4.5mm)
Automotive Qualified Yes Yes
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