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AKM releases a High Speed and High Sensitivity 25A Current Sensor, the CQ-236B, Suitable for MPPT Control

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Ultra-High Sensitivity Small AI-Shell Current Sensor
Power Conditioners


Multistring panels for photovoltaic power generation have recently been in high demand.  With this trend, the power conditioner requires a higher sensitivity current sensor for MPPT, (Maximum Power Point Tracking), control.  Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has developed a new current sensor.  The CQ-236B achieves higher sensitivity compared to an AI-Shell current sensor, the CQ-206B.


● High Sensitivity is Achieved

The CQ-236B is a 0 to 25A low-side current detection IC achieving much higher sensitivity than the former current sensor, the CQ-206B , (0 to 45A).  It achieves a wide dynamic range despite its small current range, (0 to 25A).

● Temperature Characteristics are Improved

Temperature drift from current sensitivity is improved by 50% compared with the CQ-206B.

● High Layout Potential that Needs No Insulated Power Supply

The CQ-236B runs on a single 5V power supply.  This gives greater layout flexibility since it does not need an insulated power supply.

Main Specifications

Ultra-High Sensitivity Small AI-Shell Current Sensor
Product Name CQ-236B CQ-206B
Power Supply 5V (Single supply)
Current Sensitivity 160mV/A90mV/A
Measurement Current Range 0 to 25A0 to 45A
Temperature Drift ±0.5%±1%
Response Speed (μm)1.0
Operating Temperature -40 to 110°C-40 to 90°C
Size(D/W/H)14.5 x 13 x 8.4 (mm)
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