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New Foldable ZTE M Z-01K from NTT DOCOMO uses Audio DSP CODEC AK4962

M Z-01K
M Z-01K

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation's (AKM) advanced audio DSP CODEC: AK4962ECB has been adopted in ZTE Corporation (ZTE) new smartphone, M Z-01K announced on October 18, 2017.  The M Z-01K is an innovative smart phone that is jointly developed by ZTE and NTT DOCOMO.  The foldable screen offers four display modes: normal mode, large screen mode, dual screen mode, and mirror mode.

The M Z-01K delivers exceptional HiFi audio by AKM’s audio device AK4962ECB with Dolby Atmos through its speaker and headphone jack.  The AK4962ECB integrates 32-bit 2ch Advanced Audio DAC, 32-bit 2ch DAC, and 32-bit 4ch ADC.  It has also newly added digital active noise cancelling (ANC) function for headphones.

Industry’s Leading Audio Performance DSP with Integrated CODEC and Digital Noise Cancelling

Advanced Audio DSP CODEC

The AK4962 is the new, higher performing solution of the AK4961 that has been adopted by many portable audio products mainly smartphones since it was launched in 2014. The AK4962 is a high performance with incredible sound quality audio CODEC for portable devices based on AKM’s VELVET SOUND architecture that has been widely adopted by well-established high-end audio companies. For sound processing, the AK4962 is capable of various functions for mobile applications reducing the load to the main processor while improving battery consumption.
The AK4962 provides clear sound experiences even in a noisy environment with a headphone that have microphones for noise collecting. This function works as digital compensations, realizing more efficient noise cancelling when compared to traditional analog implementation.

● 32-bit Advanced Audio Stereo D/A converter (4 types of Digital Filters)
● Ground Reference Class-G Stereo Headphone Amp THD+N: -106dB, S/N: 125dB
● 4ch Low-power Consumption A/D converter (2 types of Digital Filters for sound colors)
● Low-noise Microphone Amplifier in PCM Recorder Class
● Active Noise Cancelling Function (ANC)
● Audio/Voice DSP with Hardware Accelerator


VELVET SOUND is a brand concept of, "sound philosophy", given to AKM's next generation of audio devices and, "new architecture & core technologies".  A new circuit is designed to, "balance the amount of information and intensity", and, "focus on the original sound", to achieve rich musicality and high performance.  This circuit contains specifications and features suitable for the high-resolution audio era.

Audio 2 Go
Audio 2 Go
About "Audio 2 Go"

Audio 2 Go™ products are designed for portable audio applications, including smartphones, tablet computers and media players, which provide feature-rich, single chip solution with low power consumption and high audio fidelity.

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