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AKM Invites You to View Our New Emerging Technology at CES 2018

At CES 2018, AKM will show a variety of innovative technology solutions which can propel consumer electronic products to the forefront of their market.  AKM staff will be available to meet with you for detailed technical discussions about AKM’s new technology solutions, as well as business and long-term roadmap discussions.  AKM will be hosting meetings by appointment in the Venetian Las Vegas.
Contact an AKM sales representative to schedule an appointment to request a time.

Meeting Room Information:
Venetian Suites 30-209 and 30-211 Jan. 9th - 12th

Audio Room

Come and experience the culmination of AKMs 30 years of audio IC and process development for audio.  AKMs latest products utilize a custom process in AKMs IC manufacturing specialized for sound quality.  This technology needs to be heard to be believed.  Demonstrations in this room will include the latest High-end audio DAC, portable HiFi solutions, and DSP integration for audio and voice processing.

High-End Audio DAC with Industry Leading Sound Quality

AKM will demonstrate AKM’s newest 32-bit high-performance audio DAC.  It will be setup for you to hear the sound quality first hand.

AKM’s Latest Portable 32-bit Audio Product Pushes the Portable Limits of Hi-Fi

AKM will be demonstrating our latest portable audio solution.  This new DAC with headphone amplifier combines AKMs latest sound technology to maximize sound quality from a portable solution.

Fully Integrated USB Type C HiFi Audio CODEC

AKM will be demonstrating the new CODEC that is a fully integrated high-performance USB type C audio solution.

New Audio 32-bit Hi-Resolution DSP Core Solutions

Two new DSPs use a F32.5 data format that enables a 32-bit mantissa with sign bit, a 5-bit exponent.  This revolutionary new architecture is more ideally suited for audio processing than the traditional IEEE 32-bit floating point processing.

New Voice Interface Product Lineup

AKM will be introducing three new devices targeting the quickly expanding connected home market.

Speaker Sound Quality Enhancement Solution

AKM has a newly developed ultra-low noise current sensor AK31XX for audio system.  This sensor is ideal for motional feedback (MFB) applications that feedback speaker current and actively improve sound quality.  AK31XX minimizes sound quality degradation due to impedance and realizes sound quality enhancement including the speaker itself.

Sensor Room

AKM has continually expanded its sensor lineup that began over 35 years ago and continues with a unique process technology enabling the creation of unique devices.  Come see our quantum-type IR technology, coreless current sensor being used for MFB applications, and the new programmable 3D smart switch in a functional “Switch Cube” PoC.  These technologies have been integrated into several IoT and consumer applications that will be on display in the Sensor Room.

Digital Crown & Extremely Small Encoder

In mobile devices, a digital crown has become a necessary user interface for smartwatch, and a small accurate rotary encoder to detect rotation angle of 0-360 degree is required for the rotating mechanism.  AKM, the world’s number one supplier of eCompass, is proposing a new “Digital Crown Sensor” and “Extremely Small Encoder”, targeting smaller size and low cost.

Human Presence IR Sensor Technology

AKM’s IR technology is leading the IoT and consumer markets with functionality like Human Presence.  Our newest technology highlights technology allowing for reliable presence detection @ ~10 ft mounting options could include ceiling or wall locations with optimized lensing (from a 3rd party).

Gas Sensor & LED IR Emitter Technology

AKM’s IR technology is leading the IoT, consumer, and automotive markets with functionality like Gas Detection.  Our newest technology highlights technology allowing for ultra-low power CO2 sensor @ ~0.5mW.  Our solution is great for battery conscious environmental monitoring systems, and can realize gas sensors which can be implemented everywhere easily.

Simple Security Sensor and “SWITCH CUBE” for Connected Home

The AK09970N in combination with a simple magnetics, can monitor a door’s position, (closed or open).  It also can monitor a door’s, window’s and/or “object” condition used as a positioning sensor.  AK09970N’s advantage is ultra-low power consumption and magnetic sensitivity range, which can provide long battery life as well as the ability to use standard fixed magnets and customize your trigger points.

Camera Modules using Closed Position Sensing

Do you want a DSLR quality image but ultra-small lens design?  By doing this, you can realize more realistic AR and VR, more robust security and enhanced control, based on image information that hasn’t been around until now.  AKM has developed and manufactured an IC and Hall sensor for camera lens control of smart phone/tiny digital cameras.

AKM’s Development Platform

Come and see AKM Development Platform highlighting most of AKM’s Sensors in a modular form.  This system will allow for quick evaluation and prototyping faster, with real time testing and logging of data all with your Android Device wirelessly over a basic BLE connection.  PC is supported with UART over USB, mac support is also on its way, make an appointment to see the platform in action and hear where it is going in the future.

Highly Integrated Millimeter-wave Radar Solution

This new device integrates synthesizer, Baseband blocks, ADC, 4ch TX and 4ch RX, and is capable of both 76-77GHz narrow band and 77-81GHz ultra-wide band mode.

Motion Ultrasonic Sensor Solution

AKM has developed a new proprietary algorithm to run in AKMs low cost DSP CODEC to function as an ultrasonic motion sensor.  Using off the shelf speaker and microphone, a motion sensor can be created to detection motion anywhere in the room regardless of the direction the speaker and microphone are placed.

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