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AKM releases AK4493, upgrade to the AK4490, the best selling Premium High-end DAC,
(with a demo at CES 2018)

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Audio > Audio D/A converter
32-bit Stereo Premium D/A Converter
DR, S/N: 123dB, THD+N: -113dB
Sampling Rate: 8 to 768kHz, Supporting DSD 22.4MHz
High-end Audio, Professional Audio, AV Receivers, CD/SACD Players, Network Audio, USB DAC’s, USB Headphones, Sound Plates, Sound Bars, PA Equipment, Bluetooth Headphones, HD Audio, Voice Conference Equipment, IC Recorders, Measurement Instruments, Control Systems
Premium DAC AK4493EQ
VELVET SOUND Premium Audio Devices Audio 4 Pro


As an upgrade from the AK4490EQ, which has been adopted by many audio products since the launched in 2014, Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has developed the AK4493EQ, a 32-bit stereo premium D/A converter.  Availability will be January 2018.
The AK4493EQ adopts an improved VELVET SOUND architecture, achieving high performances that is even greater than the AK4490EQ, by optimizing the circuit design.  The AK4493EQ also adopts AKM’s same original dedicated audio process as the flagship DAC, the VERITA AK4497EQ.  This process has improved the original acoustic sound expression that can be found in the sound strength and the data amount.  In addition, the AK4493EQ corresponds to high-resolution sound sources, accepting a 22.4MHz DSD maximum input.
The AK4493EQ will be demoed at CES 2018, January 9th to 12th 2018 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.  More detailed information and a listening demon will be available.

Premium DAC AK4493EQ


● Dynamic Sound Playback with Large Amounts of Playback Information: VELVET SOUND architecture is improved

Not only the circuit design, but also the LSI manufacturing process was developed at AKM exclusively for AKM’s audio devices.  The AK4493EQ adopts this process, improving low frequency noise performance and electric margin.
32-bit processing is integrated for the IRD, (Impulse Response Designed), filter, reproducing a detailed and natural signal wave.  A harmonic sound filter was newly added to the existing five filters found in our previous generation device.  So, six different digital filter types are selectable according to the user’s audio and system preferences.

● Even Higher Performance than the AKM’s Best Selling DAC, the AK4490EQ

Low-distortion technology achieves -113dB THD+N DAC with a 123dB* S/N characteristic.  The AK4493EQ has higher performance than the AK4490EQ.  In addition, OSRD, (Over Sampling Ratio Doubler), technology greatly reduces out of band noise.
* 126dB in normal mode.

● Supporting High Resolution Data

An industry first, a 22.4MHz DSD input is now supported.  The digital input supports up to 768 kHz PCM and 22.4 MHz DSD, (Direct Stream Digital), recreating high-resolution sound that is as close as possible to the original acoustic source.

Main Specifications

32-bit Stereo Premium High-end D/A Converter
Products AK4493EQ AK4490EQ
DR, S/N 123dB  (126dB @Mono mode)120dB  (123dB @Mono mode)
THD+N -113dB -112dB
Sampling Rate 8 to 768kHz 30 to 768kHz
DSD Input 22.4MHz 11.2MHz
VELVET SOUND TechnologyOSRD Technology

Low Distortion Technology

Dedicated LSI Process for Premium Audio-
Sound Color Filter6 Types5 Types
Operation VoltageTVDD=AVDD=3.0 to 3.6V (LDO)
VDDL/R=4.75 to 5.25V
DVDD=AVDD=3.0 to 3.6V
VDDL/R=4.75 to 7.2V
Operation Temperature-40 to 85°C
-40 to 85°C
Package48-pin LQFP
48-pin LQFP
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