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AKM has developed a transmit-only IC with no need for programming for Bluetooth® Low Energy; the AK1594 has been adopted by HOUWA SYSTEM DESIGN K.K. for beacons

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Bluetooth® Low Energy Transmission IC
BLE Transmission IC
Monitoring System for Children, the Elderly, and Pets, Loss Prevention Devices, Indoor Positioning Systems, and other IoT products


Beacon solutions using Bluetooth® Low Energy, (BLE), are used in various applications such as monitoring systems, loss prevention devices, employee attendance management, and information guidance to smartphones in shops or exhibitions.  Adoption is expected to spread quickly.  However, in the past BLE bacon market, there were only BLE SoCs which support transmitter and receiver both, thus SoCs require tremendous software development.
Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has developed the AK1594, a transmit-only BLE IC.  A beacon solution with longer battery life can be easily designed with the AK1594.  Mass production for the part is April 2018.
A BLE beacon can be designed by writing the initial settings and transmission data to the internal EEPROM, since the AK1594 has no micro-controller and is a transmit-only device.  This reduces the development period of beacon systems compared to existing BLE ICs that integrate a micro-controller.  Moreover, the AK1594 achieves best in class low power consumption in the field and a maximum +6dBm (Typ.) output transmission.  The AK1594 offers security protection for advertising channel packet using the AES128 encoding. The various switching actions control transmitter power, interval and powering the transmitter.

Samples are available now.  The AK1594 has been adopted by HOUWA SYSTEM DESIGN K.K. for “BLEAD®” series, ultra-low power consumption beacons.


● Developing a Program is Not Necessary on a Device without a Micro-controller

A BLE beacon can be designed by just writing the initial settings and transmission data to the internal EEPROM.  A Complicated development environment, programming, and debugging are not necessary.

● Ultra-Low Power Consumption

It achieves 9.1μA* (Typ.) ultra-low power consumption, contributing to longer battery life of the device.
* Transmit Power: 0dBm, Advertising Interval: 1sec

● Encoded Data Prevent Interceptions

AES128 encoding is available.  This prevents tracking or cloning of the beacon.

Main Specifications

BLE Transmission IC
Operation Frequency 2402 / 2426 / 2480 MHz
Bluetooth® Corever. 4.2
Max Transmit Power
+6 dBm (Typ.)
Power Supply2.0 to 3.7V
Operation Temperature-40 to 85°C
SecurityBuilt-in AES128 Circuit
Switch Pin FunctionsRF Output ON/OFF, Transmit Power, and Advertisement Interval are variable.
Package28-pin QFN  (4 x 4 x 0.75mm, 0.4mm pitch)

Product Example


Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacon BLEAD® Series

An ultra-low power consumption beacon for watching over children/elderly, equipment management, employee attendance management, and indoor positioning.

Mass Production Schedule: May 2018

Beacon Tag “BLEAD® Series
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