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AKM releases a high accuracy absolute Magnetic Rotation Angle Sensor that supports both Shaft-end and Off-axis detection

Product Name
Product Category:
Angle Sensors
Si Monolithic Rotation Angle Sensor IC with Hall Element
Motor Control Applications
・Machine Tools
・Stepping Motors, DC Brushless Motors


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has launched the AK7452, a 14-bit, high precision device with improved layout flexibility, adding to the growing lineup of magnetic type Zero Latency rotation angle sensor ICs.  With the addition of the AK7452 to AKM’s angle sensor lineup, AKM can support a wide range of applications, including various industrial equipment and motors.  The AK7452 integrates an advanced user calibration function, enabling it to correct angular errors caused by mounting misalignment, magnet characteristics, etc.  In addition, supported are Shaft-end detection and detection on an orthogonal side of the shaft (Off-Axis).
A zero point setting can set any angular position to 0 degree.  Rotation direction, resolution of ABZ output, (1 to 4096), and number of pulses of UVW output (1 to 32), can be programmed to the internal EEPROM.  The sensor IC can track up to 25,000 rpm via the architecture of the tracking servo system, with output delay time of 1.8 μs.  The AK7452 adapts a small and thin 16-pin TSSOP package.  The power supply voltage range is expanded to cover 3 to 5.5V.






● Angle Error Correction Function

Sensor accuracy can be improved by correcting the angle error caused by mounting misalignment.  Offset, phase difference, and gain mismatch can be corrected by writing parameters into the internal EEPROM of the AK7452.

● Supports Off-Axis Detection

The AK7452 corresponds to detection on an orthogonal side of the shaft, (Off-Axis location).  A shaft through type motor system can be constructed with this Off-Axis arrangement.  This helps make the motor system thinner and contributes to making the hollow structure type.

Main Specifications

Si Monolithic Rotation Angle Sensor IC with Hall Element
Product Name AK7452 AK7451 AK7405
Power Supply [V]3.0 to 5.54.5 to 5.5
Temperatyre Range [°C]-40 to 125-40 to 150
Operating Magnetic Field Range [mT]30 to 70
Resolution [bit]1412
Rotation Accuracy@Room Temperature [degree]±0.5±0.6
Rotation Accuraty@Total Temperature Range [degree]±1.0±1.5
Output Noise(p-p) [degree]±0.044±0.176
Delay Time [μs]1.8
Rotation Tracking [rpm]25,00020,000
Consumption Current [mA]2015.7
ABZ Resolution Setting [ppr]1 to 40961024, 512, 256, 128 and etc.
16 patterns in Total
1024, 512, 256, 128
UVW Pulse [ppr]1 to 321 to 8N/A
SPI Frequency [MHz]82
Output Format4-wire SPI / ABZ / UVW4-wire SPI / ABZ
Package Size [mm]5.0 x 6.4 x t1.079.9 x 6.0 x t1.757.2 x 7.8 x t1.725
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