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AKM develops new D/A converter with headphone amplifier, enabling DSD playback on smartphones

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Audio > Audio D/A converter
32-bit Stereo D/A Converter with Headphone Amplifier
SNR: 128dB, THD+N: -109dB
Sampling Rate: 8 to 768kHz, Supporting DSD256
Portable Audio, (Smartphones, Tablets, Portable Music Players, USB Headphones, Bluetooth Headphones, etc.)


As distribution of high-resolution sound sources via music services grow, Direct Stream Digital, (DSD), sound sources are growing in popularity.  Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has developed a 32-bit stereo D/A converter with headphone amplifier, the AK4377, enabling playback of DSD sound sources in smartphones or portable music players.
The AK4377 is a new, higher performing solution compared to the AK4376A, (released in 2017), adopted by many portable audio products, achieving even better SNR and THD+N characteristics.


●  High Resolution Sound Source | Support of DSD256 Input

The AK4377 accepts up to 768kHz PCM data and DSD256 input.  It can fully decode the large amount of information from the source, reproducing the original sound in the highest resolution.

● Enhanced Audio Performance

The AK4377 achieves -109dB THD+N and 128dB SNR, which is top performing for a compact DAC with headphone amplifier in portable audio.  The AK4377 exhibits flat THD+N characteristics of -105dB or less in all audible bands, enhancing the ability to reproduce the original sound.

● Live Acoustic Sound with VELVET SOUND Architecture

The AK4377 achieves fine, detailed sound playback via the, “VELVET SOUND”, architecture adopted in AKM premium DACs for high-end audio products.

Main Specifications

Advanced D/A Converter With Headphone Amplifier
Product Name AK4377ECB AK4376AECB
DAC32-bit Advanced Audio Stereo D/A Converter
    Sound Color  - Short Delay Sharp Roll-off, GD=5.5/fs
 - Short Delay Slow Roll-off, GD=4.7/fs
 - Sharp Roll-off
 - Slow Roll-off
Headphone AmplifierGround-referenced Class-G Stereo Headphone Amplifier
 - Output Power:  60mW @ 16Ω
 - Output Noise Level: -129dBV
 - Analog Volume: +4 to -20dB & Mute
 - Ground Loop Noise Canceling
Ground-referenced Class-G Stereo Headphone Amplifier
 - Output Power: 60mW @ 16Ω
 - Output Noise Level: -126dBV
 - Analog Volume: +6 to -20dB & Mute, 2dB Step
 - Ground Loop Noise Canceling
Sampling Rate8 to 768kHz
Master/Slave mode
8 to 384kHz
Master/Slave mode
DSD InputDSD64/DSD128/DSD256 (DoP Input)Not Available
Low Jitter PLLAvailable
Crystal OscillatorAvailable
Power Management FunctionAvailable
Number of Channel2 channels
Microcomputer InterfaceI2C (400kHz)
VELVET SOUND ArchitectureSwitched Capacitor Filter
OSRD(Over Sampling Ratio Doubler)Technology
Power Consumption59.7 / 20.7mW (HP Mode / LP Mode, fs=44.1kHz)36.3 / 13.7mW (HP Mode / LP Mode, fs=44.1kHz)
Power SupplyAVDD (DAC, PLL): 1.7 to 1.9V
CVDD (Headphone Amplifier, Charge Pump): 1.7 to 1.9V
LVDD (LDO2 for Digital Core): 1.7 to 1.9V (built-in LDO)
TVDD (Digital Interface): 1.65 to 3.6V
Operation Temperature Range-40 to 85°C
Package36-pin CSP (2.893 x 3.082mm, 0.4mm pitch)36-pin CSP (2.74 x 2.56mm, 0.4mm pitch)
Sales StartMay 2018May 2017
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