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AKM releases a low-noise LDO with high precision monitoring and self-diagnostic functions for ADAS and autonomous driving systems

Product Name
AP1161ABN / AP1163ABN
Product Category:
Power Management > LDO Regulator
Highly Functional Low-noise LDO Regulator
Millimeter wave radar/sensing camera unit for ADAS and autonomous driving systems


System construction with a functionality safety guarantee is required for millimeter wave radar/sensing camera units used for automotive ADAS and autonomous driving systems.  Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has launched low-noise LDO regulators, the AP1161AB and the AP1163ABN, which meet functional safety *1.  These products incorporate a high-precision monitoring function to the output voltage and a self-diagnostic function, achieving functional safety.

*1:  ISO26262 requirements for functional safety requirements can easily be achieved when utilized these devices.


● High precision monitoring of output voltage

The AP1161ABN/AP1163ABN monitors the output voltage to detect undervoltage and overvoltage status.  If the status is met, a flag signal is sent to the MCU.

● Self-diagnostic function

Failure of the monitoring function can be detected by inputting, "H", signal to the DIAG pin.  By incorporating this function into the system, periodic fault detection during operation is available.

● Low-output noise

The AP1161ABC/1163ABC achieves output noise of 180 nV/√Hz, (at 10kHz), and PSRR of 78dB, (at 1kHz) *2.  This exceeds the requirements of in-vehicle communications for severe noise and RF power supply requirements.

*2:  PSRR of the AP1163ABN.  The AP1161ABN has a PSRR of 76 dB, (at 1 kHz).


Main Specifications

AP1161ABN / AP1163ABN
Highly Functional Low-noise LDO Regulator
Product Name AP1161ABN AP1163ABN
Output Noise180nV/√Hz at 10kHz180nV/√Hz at 10kHz
Maximum Current Output300mA1000mA
Self-Diagnosis FunctionOvervoltage Detection, Undervoltage Detection
Reference Voltage and Accuracy3.38V ± 65mV3.38V ± 65mV
Input/Output Voltage Difference300mV (at Iout=300mA)300mV (at Iout=1000mA)
Ripple Rejection76dB (at 1kHz)78dB (at 1kHz)
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 125°C-40 to 125°C
Power Dissipation3.125W3.125W
Package16-pin HQFN16-pin HQFN
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