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Mass Production release of High Speed A/D Converters with Noise Suppression Features

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Industrial LSI > Industrial AFE & ADC
16-bit/14-bit 0.5~1.1MSPS 2ch Industrial ZDS-NS A/D Converter
Motor Control Current Meters, Encoders, Other Small Meters
ZDS-NS A/D Converter


As robots become more secure and fault predictive, developers have to build even faster servo systems without compromise of performance. Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), have started mass production of a high-speed A/D converter, (ADC), the AK925X series with added noise suppression function to meet this need.
This series is a 16-bit/14-bit 2ch ADC, with oversampling A/D conversion, outputting a signal from 0.5 to 1.1 MSPS.  The noise suppression function minimizes high frequency noise included in the analog input signal.  The noise suppression amount can be changed.  Different output interface options are also available.
In addition, the AK9235NK, a 1 MSPS 12-bit 2ch ADC which is fully compatible with existing competitive products, is now available, (without noise suppression).  Compared with competitive products from other companies, the power supply voltage range is wider while achieving both high speed and low power consumption.


● High Speed Performance and Noise Suppression Function

The AK925X series suppresses high frequency noise included in analog input signals with oversampling A/D conversion which is the same as a ΔΣ ADC with real time response.  (An SAR ADC accomplishes real time response but is not able to suppress noise.  In the opposite way, a ΔΣ ADC can suppress noise, but has a response delay.)  The noise suppression amount of the AK925X series can be selected at four levels.

● Pin Compatible to Existing ADCs

The AK925X series are pin compatible with existing 14-bit/16-bit SAR ADCs from other companies.

● Small Package

The AK925X series is a 2ch A/D converter housed in an ultra-small 3mm x 3mm QFN package.

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