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AKM releases the MS0043, a Semiconductor Magnetoresistive Element for Small AC Servomotors

Product Name
Sensor Solutions > Semiconductor Magnetoresistive Elements
Compound Semiconductor Magnetoresistive Element
Motor controlling applications
・AC Servo motors
・Industrial Robots
・Machine Tools


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has released the MS0043 corresponding to the smallest gear wheel* compared to other AKM semiconductor magnetoresistive elements, (SMRE), expanding the lineup of AKM’s SMRE.  The MS0043 achieves high resolution rotation angle detection exceeding 20-bit from electronic interpolation. This is due to its stunning temperature characteristics while having extremely small variability among individual devices. This is top-level performance among magnetoresistive elements. The MS0043 is assumed to be used in small AC servo motor applications, capable of composing a magnetic encoder with a small gear wheel and a bias magnet.
*  According to AKM’s research on July 2018.

Output voltage is nearly ideal sine/cosine wave = Electric interpolation is possible.


● Optimized for Small AC Servomotors

The MS0043 is designed to have the smallest system offset voltage when it is used with a gear that has m=0.4 and 32 to 64 gear teeth, (Φ13.6 to 26.4mm). Therefore, it contributes to minimizing AC servo motors.
m is standard value to express the size of gear wheel, m=(Pitch Circle Diameter)/(No. of Tooth).

● High Precision and High Resolution Magnetic Encoders

Since phase A and B are output with phase differences, it is possible to eliminate in-phase noise by taking the difference and contributing to high precision and high resolution of the magnetic encoder because the output amplitude can be obtained twice.

Main Specifications & Lineup

Product NameModule (m)
PKG Number of elementOperation Temperature (°C)Note
MS00420.42125Element spacing 1.9 [mm]
MS0043  New0.41125Differential output
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