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AKM develops an integrated motor pre-driver for drones, achieving a small, quiet, and highly efficient design

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Power Management > Motor Driver
Three-phase Brushless Motor Pre-driver with System Power Supply
Motor Drive Voltage: 8 to 36V
DC-DC Buck Convertor and LDO are integrated
Drones, UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicle)


Drones have struggled with reduction of noise, obtaining longer flight times, reducing size, component weight, and safety. Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has now started sampling of an integrated pre-driver IC, the AP1050 for 3-phase brushless motors. It reduces current consumption and drive noise while integrating the functions required for the Electric Speed Controller (ESC), implementing various protection functions while reducing size. It is also possible to build a system that controls multiple motors with one MCU.


● Improved motor Efficiency and lower Driving Noise

The AP1050 adopts the Field Oriented Control, (FOC), method which is vector control using sine waves to drive a motor. High frequency sound from the motor driver is suppressed with this method. In addition, system current can be reduced by about 20% to 30% compared to FOC driven via rectangular wave.

Driving Noise

Driving Noise is reduced by 5 ~ 8dB

System Current

System Current is reduced by 20 ~ 30%

● Size and Weight Reduction by Integration of the IC with various Protection Functions

The AP1050 integrates a system power supply, amplifiers for current sense, A/D converters (ADC), a PWM generator, and pre-drivers. Since the Electric Speed Controller, (ESC), can be configured only with the AP1050, an MUC, and FETs, the system can be made smaller and lighter. The AP1050 even integrates various protection functions, (undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, and thermal shutdown), contributing to increasing system safety.


● Multiple Motors can be controlled by one MCU

In previous systems, the same number of ADCs and PWM generators in the MCU were required, depending on the number of drive motors. By using the AP1050, it is possible to control multiple motors with one MCU and SPI interface. This will reduce the board size and cost.

one MCU

Main Specifications

Product Name AP1050AEN
Motor Drive Voltage8 to 36V
DC-DC Buck10V/500mA, FET, Synchronous Rectification
LDO3.3V/200mA (External Circuit and DVDD connected)
Pre-DriverHigh-side Driver with Bootstrap Circuit
Dead Time Control Function
VGA+17 to 28dB, 3dB step, 2ch Synchronous Setting
ADC12-bit, 2ch
4-Wire Serial InterfaceCSB, SCK, SDI, SDO
PWM Cycle Input/OutputINT
Protection Function Undervoltage Protection (VIN, VDC, LDOE)
Overvoltage Protection (VIN, VDC, LDOE)
Overcurrent Protection (DC-DC Buck, Pre-driver)
Thermal Shutdown (TSD)
Error Output Pin (ERRB)
Operational Temperature Range-40 to 105°C
Package48-pin QFN  (7 x 7mm)
Mass Production2019 April
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