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AKM releases a small and high accuracy coreless current sensor, supporting operation temperatureup to 125°C

Product Name
CZ-381x (x: 3, 4, 5)
Product Category:
Current Sensors > Ultra-high Accuracy Coreless Current Sensors
Small High Accuracy Coreless Current Sensor supporting operation temperatures up to 125°C
AC Motors, DC Motors, UPS’s,
Power Conditioners, Air Conditioners


The market has been recently demanding smaller sized systems, dustproof, and waterproof structures.  Small bodies, lower heat generation and high temperature operation range is required for current sensors.  The CZ-381x series has a miniaturized body while maintaining a low-heat generation characteristic, supporting up to 125°C operation temperature.  It is suitable for systems having difficulty in heat suppressing design and applications that use large current.


● Supporting 125°C and 40 Arms

The CZ-381x series supports up to 125°C operation temperature by suppressing heat generation with an originally developed AKM package.  This enables 40 Arms continuous current, making the CZ-381x usable even in the current range where conventional current sensors with a core are required.  Therefore, downsizing for existing systems is possible.

● High Accuracy

The CZ-381x series is a highly accurate coreless current sensor with 0.7% F.S. (Typical).  This will contribute to improving system efficiency and precise control in a wide range of applications.

● Small Size

The CZ-381x series achieves this size using a coreless structure AKM’s developed original package.  The package size is 11.5 x 8.3 x 2.0 (mm), which is about 1/20 of the volume of conventional products.

Main Specifications of the CZ-381x series

Product NameOperating Ambient Temperature
Linear Sensing Range
Temperature Drift of Sensitivity
(%) *1
Temperature Drift of Zero-Current Output Voltage
(mV) *1
Total Accuracy
(%F.S.) *1

-40 to 125
±33 60



*1  It is defined as the "average value ± 1σ" of the actual measurement result (Ta = -40 to 125 °C) in a certain lot.

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