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AKM Invites You to View Our New Emerging Technology at CES 2019

At CES 2019, AKM will show a variety of innovative technology solutions which can propel consumer electronic products to the forefront of their market.  AKM staff will be available to meet with you for detailed technical discussions about AKM’s new technology solutions, as well as business and long-term roadmap discussions.  AKM will be hosting meetings by appointment in the Venetian Las Vegas.
Contact an AKM sales representative to schedule an appointment to request a time.

Meeting Room Information:
Venetian Suites 30-209 and 30-211 Jan. 8th - 11th

Audio Room

Come and experience the culmination of AKMs 30 years of audio IC and process development for audio.
AKMs latest products utilize a custom process in AKMs IC manufacturing specialized for sound quality.  This technology needs to be heard to be believed.  Demonstrations in this room will include the latest High-end audio DAC, portable HiFi solutions, and DSP integration for audio and voice processing.

New, Ultimate AKM Flagship Audio D/A Converter Unveiled

Experience the latest flagship 32-bit premium audio DAC.  Come see us at the AKM audio room and be one of the first to listen to this this new, revolutionary DAC.

Ultrathin, Noise-Absorption Sheet for Improved Sound Quality

In a constant search to improve audio quality and signal integrity, AK’s materials division brings to you, "Pulshut".

High Sound Quality (Hi-Fi) with Ultra-Low Power D/A Converter

The AK4331 presents a turning point in this design philosophy, a 32-bit stereo D/A converter with a built-in headphone amplifier that consumes only 4.4mW of power.  With a THD + N = -100dB and SNR = 109dB, this impressive sound quality is something that needs to be experienced in person.

Engine Sound Creator with Automotive Audio DSP

The engine sound algorithm runs in AKM’s audio DSP and uses the information received from the CAN bus to get speed, accelerator position, and engine RPM data while driving to accurately re-create an engine in all modes of operation.

Long-range, Low-cost Beam-forming Voice Processor

You can see this new front-end development kit for voice interface equipped with the new audio DSP, which runs the new beam-forming and noise cancellation for long distance recording.

Sensor Room

AKM has continually expanded its sensor lineup that began over 35 years ago and continues with a unique process technology enabling the creation of unique devices.
Come see our quantum-type IR technology, Energy harvesting IC and so on.  These technologies have been integrated into several IoT and consumer applications that will be on display in the Sensor Room.

Energy harvesting IC to make a battery free IoT sensor node

In our demonstration we use a single cell solar battery with the AP4470 to power our BLE beacon, the AK1594, with no battery.

Ultra-small ESC that can drive multiple propellers from one micro controller

With the recent boom in the drone and UAV space, the demand for modern drones to be quieter, more efficient, and lower maintenance increases by the day.  AKM has developed an ultra-small ESC with integrated FOC control called the AP1050.

Next-generation millimeter-wave radar LSI with high spatial recognition performance

With the integration of AKM’s technology, we have created a 3D detection platform kit with transceiver IC that significantly improves on the high range resolution and directional accuracy of millimeter-wave radar.

New 3D Mag Smart Switch Sensor + New Low Power BLE Beacon

AKM has created the “Security Sensor System” concept module that can monitor door’s, window’s, or other entry ways like dog/cat doors using the sensor, notification conditions are in real-time via the cloud.

3-Axis High Precision TMR magnetic sensor

This new device features Ultra Low Noise (40nT/rms and ultra-low power consumption (40uA @ 100Hz).

Human Presence IR Sensor Technology

The AK9754 enables reliable human approach @ ~5 to 7 ft.  With a miniscule ~10uA current consumption, this device is ideal for battery powered devices.

Small coreless current sensor for Whitegoods

AKM’s coreless current sensor has an isolated primary current path, magnetic sensor and amplification circuit contained in small package.

Senseair: Sunrise CO2 Sensor

Sunrise is Senseair’s ultra-low power (less than 150uA) solid state NDIR CO2 sensor with industry leading accuracy (+/- 30ppm).

Senseair: Aercast Air Quality monitor

Aercast is Senseair’s first battery powered and IOT connected Indoor Air Quality concept solution.

AKM’s All New Development Platform

Come and see AKM’s latest Development Platform highlighting most of AKM’s Sensors in a modular form.

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