Premium DAC

New, Ultimate AKM Flagship Audio D/A Converter Unveiled

Experience the latest flagship 32-bit premium audio DAC, "VELVET SOUND | VERITA". Come see us at the AKM audio room and be one of the first to listen to this this new, revolutionary DAC. The lead IC Design Engineer will be available for technical discussions.

AK4499 specifications
AK4499 demonstration


CES 2019

Ultrathin, Noise-Absorption Sheet for Improved Sound Quality

In a constant search to improve audio quality and signal integrity, AK’s materials division brings to you, "Pulshut". "Pulshut", is a thin, lightweight, and flexible non-magnetic sheet, that when used in your design can provide effective isolation of broadband noise. "Pulshut" can replace traditional ferrite beads wrapped around your cables, but due to its material properties can also be molded to shield entire enclosures of irregular dimensions.
Visit the AKM booth for a demonstration of how, "Pulshut", can improve the quality and performance of your system.

Pulshut specifications
Pulshut demonstration

Advanced Audio DAC

High Sound Quality (Hi-Fi) with Ultra-Low Power D/A Converter

When designing wireless headphones, there is a difficult tradeoff between sound quality and providing adequate battery capacity for a good listening experience, as well as providing power to other features present in modern headphones. Typically, the power consumption of a Hi-Fi D/A converter is too large to be used in a battery powered device.
The AK4331 presents a turning point in this design philosophy, a 32-bit stereo D/A converter with a built-in headphone amplifier that consumes only 4.4mW of power. With a THD + N = -100dB and SNR = 109dB, this impressive sound quality is something that needs to be experienced in person.

AK4331 specifications
AK4331 demonstration

Automotive Audio DSP

Engine Sound Creator with Automotive Audio DSP

Do you drive a small engine, hybrid, or EV automobile and miss the sound of that high-performance engine? Are you worried that your whisper-quiet car is invisible to pedestrians? With AKM’s Engine Sound Creator algorithm we can turn your 2-cylinder hybrid into a rumbling V8 or high revving exotic by re-creating the realistic engine sounds of a combustion engine.
The result is a more natural and engaging driving experience as well as a more distinct presence to pedestrians on the road if the sound is heard outside the car. The engine sound algorithm runs in AKM’s audio DSP and uses the information received from the CAN bus to get speed, accelerator position, and engine RPM data while driving to accurately re-create an engine in all modes of operation. Come and experience this engine sound creator algorithm for yourself in the Audio Room.

Engine Sound Creator
Engine sound creator specifications
Engine Sound Creator
Engine sound creator demonstration

Voice Processor

Long-range, Low-cost Beam-forming Voice Processor

A single directional microphone cannot provide adequate long-range performance for a good user experience in today’s smart IoT devices. AKM has developed a new low cost, far field beam-forming voice processor that can clearly capture sounds from 3 to 5 meters away from the listening device for use in voice recording or speech recognition applications.
AKM has developed a new far-field beam-forming algorithm that runs and is optimized for our proprietary DSP core. This custom development hardware and software provides very high performance at an extremely enticing price. You can see this new front-end development kit for voice interface equipped with the new audio DSP, which runs the new beam-forming and noise cancellation for long distance recording.

Voice Processor
Voice processor specifications
Voice Processor
Voice processor demonstration
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