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#05 Remote Keyless Entry (Transmitter)

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
Smart Entry Transmitter System


RF IC for RKE and Wireless Transmitter

An RF Transmit LSI realizes microcomputer-less system for RKE
Compose RKE System with one-chip

Realizing small PCB area and long life battery


MPU less solution with integrated EEPROM by transmitting data


Achieve low cost & low power consumption by realizing RKE and wireless transmitter with one-chip


Realize RKE system and wireless transmitter
with one-chip
Enable long distance communication by excellent output efficiency (+8dBm@11mA typ.)
AES-128 encryption, manchester / bi-phase coding and ASK / FSK modulation are available
AK3713 Block
(RF transmitter IC)

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