Precautions for Hall elements

Withstand voltage                                                                                                                                         
Please use within the maximum rating and under the recommended operating conditions.
In particular, please take care to avoid high voltage in the element.
The element could be destroyed if the rated range should be exceeded.
Please take measures to protect against surge voltage and static charges in storage, handling, and mounting in

a circuit.
Use Hall effect ICs in a manner that does not allow element to make contact with the driving circuit.


Lead forming                                                                                                                                                  
Please do not apply excessive force between lead and package when carrying out lead forming.
And, please bend at least 2mm from package to avoid a force on between lead and package, if you bend the

lead in the thick direction.


< Guaranteed strength value of terminal lead >


Soldering conditions                                                                                                                                     
Although the reference conditions are shown as follows, please apply them only after careful examination and

confirmation by the customer.


1. Dipping (dipping entire element)
    When dipping is employed, processing in the condition within the temperature load shown in Figure 2 is

    Solder dipping should only be performed once.

2. Hand soldering (using soldering iron)
    Solder under thermal load at 260°C for less than 10 seconds, or 350°C for less than 3 seconds, without

    touching the body of the element.
    Hand soldering should be completed a maximum of two times.
    Please inquire of our company about super-mini molding package type.

3. Reflow
    When reflow is employed, processing within the temperature profile shown in Figure 3 is recommended.
    Reflow soldering should be completed a maximum of two times.

4. Solder flux
    Colophonium system solder flux is recommended.
    Use of an organic acid system, inorganic acid system or water-soluble fluxes should be avoided.

    < Figure 2: Solder dipping condition >                    < Figure 3: Solder reflow condition >



Please follow the procedure below when cleaning solder flux etc.

1. Cleaning agent ... Ethanol and isopropyl alcohol
2. Temperature ... 50°C or less
3. When ultrasonic cleaning is employed ... Frequency: 45 kHz or less, Power output: 40 W/liter or less


Notices for circuit design                                                                                                                              
1. Semiconductor characteristics/parameters are affected by temperature. Please consider the specified TC

    (Temperature Characteristic) when designing circuits.
2. Hall devices can be damaged by excessive supply voltages and static electricity. Please consider these

    parameters in the design.
3. Consider adding protective resister in series with supply voltage to avid damage.


Notices regarding storage environment                                                                                                        
avoid direct sunlight when the products are stored, and keep them at normal room temperature and

humidity as far as possible.
(Preferable storage condition is 5°C to 35°C and 40% to 85% RH.)


Notices for long-term storage                                                                                                                       
If the elements are stored for an extended time (two years or more) under the general storage conditions for

semiconductors, the soldering characteristics of the lead terminal and the electrical characteristics could

deteriorate; therefore, only use such elements after verifying their soldering and electrical characteristics, etc..

We recommend long-term storage in a nitrogen atmosphere.
The lead of the element will be oxidized by the oxygen in the atmosphere, and the soldering characteristics will

deteriorate if the elements are stored in a normal atmosphere.


Precautions for Preventing Electrostatic Discharge
Please bear in mind the following labels when handling Hall Elements with Static Awareness Labels below,
which alert handlers and users of the devices to the possibility of electrostatic damage.




-- Level of Electrostatic Discharge...Ethanol and isopropyl alcohol
Typical value of breakdown voltage is described below.

(*1)EIAJ ED-4701(C=200pF,1time)
(*2)EIAJ ED-4701(C=100pF,R=1.5kO,3times)


-- The general cautions for Preventing Electrostatic Discharge
   (A) Environment
         One factor which can lead to the generation of electrostatic discharge is the lack of humidity.

         Humidity should be controled at 40~75%RH in the work environment. 
   (B) Workplace 
         Conductive floorings (sheetings and coatings) must be used to prevent electrostatic discharge .
   (C) Operators
         Body-grounding articles such as wristband must be worn without fail when touching circuit boards or the

         Also be absolutely sure to inspect periodically. The antistatic overalls and shoes may be worn.
   (D) Equipment, instrument, and supplies 
         The instruments and equipments that handling or touching the devices must be grounded.
         When soldering iron is used,it must be grounded without fail.
         The ionizer may be used,when insulator may touch or approaches.
   (E) The others
         When transporting the devices, use a container that will prevent them from becoming electrostatically

         charged by housing them , and avoid using the objects which easily become electrostatically charged.


Precautions for Handling and discarding                                                                                                      
HG,HZ,HQ-series Hall Element contains gallium arsenide (GaAs)which can be hazardous to the human body and

the environment.
For safety,observe the forrowing procedures;

1. Handling
    Do not put these products into mouth.
    Do not alter the form of this product into a gas,powder,liguid through burning,crushing,or chemical processing.

2. Discarding

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