Application of Hall effect IC

Here, we introduce examples of the principal applications of Hall effect ICs
Please note that the application circuits in this material are indicated for reference, and we do not assume any responsibility for infringement of patents or other rights of any third party resulting from the use of such circuits.

                                           [Pulse encoder]                    [Flowmeter]                    [Detection of rotation of vanes]



Magnetic material detection

                                                                    [Magnet catch]



Electric current detection

                               [Electric current switch]                                                 [Hall DCCT]


Position detection

                                       [Hall motor (rotor position detection)]



              [Hall motor (index position detection)]                          [Pneumatic cylinder]                                       [Valve]                           



                                                                 [Blind]                                                      [Level gage]




                                                               [Door switch]                                                   [Power window]



                                  [Micro switch]                                                  [Flip switch]                                        [CPU fan]



                                [Vane sensor]                                                                                                   [Limit switch]



                                                                           [Butterfly valve]



                                                                           [Weight sensor]



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