RF Transmitter for Satellite Communication

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AK1599V is highly integrated RF transmitter IC optimized for VSAT, which incorporates quadrature modulator, frequency synthesizer and VCO. The power consumption of 1.3W simplifies thermal design and the integrated phase noise of 0.18 degree rms improves the signal quality of VSAT.

Key Features

RF output frequency : 1600MHz to 2200MHz

Internal LO output frequency : 1700MHz to 2100MHz

IF input frequency : DC to 100MHz

Low power consumption : 1.3W

Integrating frequency synthesizer and VCO achieving low phase noise

Low phase noise : 0.18 degree rms (Offset frequency : 2.5kHz to 4MHz)

Carrier suppression : < -40dB

Image rejection : < -40dB

Adjustable 12dB gain

Interface with microcomputer : SPI

Operating temperature : -40 to +85°C

Power supply : 4.75 to 5.25V

    SPI interface voltage of 3V can be used with supplying only 5V to AK1599V by controlling the dedicated pin

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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