3V Single channel PCM Codec LSI (A-law /µ-law /Linear)

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The AK2300 is a single channel PCM CODEC for various applications for example, AFE. It includes the selectable linear PCM interface, A/µ-law function, mute and power down. All of these functions are controlled by the pin. It includes Band limiting filter, A/D and D/A converter, and A-law/µ-law converter. All functions are provided in very small QFN(16pins) package and it is good for reducing the mounting space.

Key Features

• Single PCM CODEC and filtering system

• Selectable functions


Power down (PDN= L or BCLK= L)

A-law / µ-law / linear PCM

•Long Frame / Short Frame are selected by pin

•PCM data rate

(64k*N)Hz (N=1 to 32)

• Op-amp for the external gain adjustment

• Single power supply voltage: +2.6 to +3.6V(VDD)

• Digital I/F power supply voltage: +1.7 to 3.6V(LVDD)

• Low power consumption

Power on: 5.3mA(typ)

Power down: 0.1uA(typ)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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