Dual PCM CODEC with Volume

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AK2303LV is a 3.3V dual PCM CODEC-Filter most suitable for analog line card of PBX switch. CODEC-Filter is compliant with G711/G712 recommendations. It includes Selectable A-law/u-law function, Internal Gain Adjustment from +6dB to –18dB by 1dB step control. All of these functions are controlled by the internal register accessed through the serial interface. Additionally, channel mute and A-law/u-law selection is controlled by the hard pin. PCM interface of AK2303LV supports Long Frame, Short Frame clock formats and GCI format. 4.096MHz, 2.048MHz bit clock input is available for PCM interface.

Key Features

· Dual PCM CODEC and Filtering systems for PBX switch

· Independent functions on each channel Controlled by the internal register or hard pin

- Power Down Mode (Register setting)

- Mute (Hard pin, register setting)

- Gain Adjustment: +6 to -18dB (1dB step by register setting)

· Selectable PCM Data Interface Timing:

Long Frame / Short Frame/GCI

· Selectable PCM Data Rate:

4.096MHz, 2.048MHz (Register setting)

· OP Amp for External Gain Adjustment

· A-law/u-law Select (Hard pin, Register setting)

· Serial Interface for the internal register access

· Power on Reset

· Single Power Supply Voltage

+3.3V ± 0.3V

· Low Power Consumption

42mW typ

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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